S1 E12 | Jack Harlow & DJ Drama


S1 E12 | Jack Harlow & DJ Drama


DJ Scream and Big Bank share nothing but “Big Facts” in their podcast, as they chop it up with today’s popular figures in the entertainment industry.

DJ Scream and Big Bank are back with another episode of the “Big Facts” podcast with Alabama emcee OMB Peezy!

The rapper jumped right in by admitting that, at first, he wasn’t sold on the idea of having security and even said it showed a sign of weakness. However, as Peezy progressed in the entertainment industry, he said that mindset quickly changed. “You know, young nigga coming into the game, at first, coming from where I come from, you know, I don’t want no security,” the rapper explained. “I was looking at that shit like it’s pussy, feel me? But, once you get into it — gotta keep it 100 — it be me and my manager, we go to goddamn Mississippi, it be just us in some dirty-ass wrinkly-dink ass club, it would be the smart thing to do to have some security.”

When Scream posed the question of how does Peezy vet his employees, the rapper reflected on a time a security audition that didn’t play out too well.

“I tried a security out, this nigga from my city, Big Von [inaudible] ol’ stupid ass. I tried this nigga out. We go to the club, right? I got a show with JayDaYoungan and Yungeen Ace. It’s like 20 niggas in the section, you feel me? Security supposed to be standing outside of the section. This nigga in the middle of the section,” Peezy told the group.

Peezy said following the guard’s first offense, he later caught him taking pictures with another artist. It’s safe to say that his dreams of protecting celebrities were over. However, the rapper did explain that when it comes to scouting the right guard, you just got to feel it. He got those vibes from his current bodyguard, who apparently is not the one or the two to mess with.

Up next, Scream brought up the current state of hip hop. Over the past couple of years, the rap scene has lost an unfortunately long list of artists to gun violence including Nipsey Hussle, Pop Smoke, and King Von just to name a few. Subsequently, the industry’s violent nature has many deeming the artistic profession to be one of the most dangerous jobs. When asked if this revelation has caused him to change the way he does business, Peezy admitted both yes and no.

“I really don’t be trying to change too much of how I move ‘cause I feel like how I move and the person I am, how I act and how I think got me to where I’m at, you feel me? So, I don’t really try to change it up too much,” he explained. “I just try to find a safe way to be me. I can’t just be outside ‘til three in the morning by myself no more, but I can still ride around. Ain’t got to be scared to go to no gas station and shit like that.”

Peezy seemingly knows how to carry himself. However, the rapper credits his maturity to a decision his mother made when he was younger, which found him in the back of a U-Haul truck with his other siblings and cousins moving from Mobile, Alabama to Sacramento, California. The move not only influenced him on a personal level, but his artistry as well.

“When I went to California, it was like a shell shock. Everything was different. People talk different, they act different, they react to different shit. With the music shit, I’m going to school, we freestyling and shit, and they rapping on different beats,” he said. “They doing whole different beats when they beating on the table. I had to learn how to rap on that shit, so I feel like it just opened a door for me to learn how to rap on all different type of music — use different type of slang words, so I can relate to a lot of people.”

In 2017, the rapper started receiving some attention for his single “Lay Down” and eventually caught the ear of Bay legend E-40. Shortly after meeting up, Peezy garnered a deal from the rapper’s Sick Wid It record label. However, after some self-reflecting, both parties ended their partnership.

“I was like a caterpillar. I’m trying to grow into a butterfly. You can’t grow into a butterfly in a cocoon, ya feel me? Sick Wid was a cocoon,” he expressed. “He (E-40) [is] an artist and the CEO. I feel like if I can go back in time, I’d sign to a straight CEO. Somebody who ‘gon be worried about my career as much as I am.”

While Peezy harbored no hard feelings toward E-40 and even credited him for changing his life, the rapper suggested that upcoming artists sign to CEOs as oppose to their peers. He cited that there were significant benefits that stem from not being in the same playing field as your boss.

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