Last month, Payroll Giovanni and Cardo linked up to drop another project together. Another Day Another Dollar quickly became a well-received body of work, and the duo wasted no time getting to the visuals. The newest offering is the official music video for “Previously,” the intro track off the project. On the song, Giovanni flows over the smooth beat courtesy of Cardo:

Ladi da di, they call me Giovanni, I paid all tabs, I ain’t run on nobody/ No bo business here , Nah I earned this all, and if that’s what you wanna hear, gone and turn this off/ Imma show you how to ball without ducking ya dog or ducking his calls that’s why nobody fucking with ya’ll/ Just valeted the Benz, bout to run in the mall, and buy everything I want, my pockets comfortable dog/ Can’t lie not too long ago, I took me a fall, trying to help folks that wouldn’t еven help me at all/ Had to plant thе right seeds with the money I earned

Th e Another Day Another Dollar project includes 10 tracks and features from names like Smitty Soul, Tamara Jewel, and Larry June. The two are certainly no strangers to working with each other, as they have their well-loved Big Bossin series. The two most recent installments, Big Bossin 1.5 and Big Bossin 2 were released in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

Payroll Giovanni’s last project was 2020’s Spirit Of A Boss, another 10-track body of work with features from Tamara Jewel and Bianca Bad. Most recently, Payroll Giovanni hopped on Young DV’s “Born Widdit (Remix).” Around this time last year, Cardo released his Game Related project. In 2020, he also linked up with Larry June and the two made a whole project titled Cruise Usa.

Be sure to watch Payroll Giovanni’s new music video for “Previously” down below.