Yesterday (March 2), Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced his plans to lift the mask mandate in the state and reopen businesses up to “100 percent” capacity as soon as next week. The governor’s executive order was met with criticism from health officials and some residents, including Bun B.

The Houston native, who has complained about Abbott’s governing in the past, took to Instagram to call out the politician and claim he has “blood on his hands.”

“This is batshit crazy [Gov. Abbott] and you know it,” Bun captioned a post. “As if you didn’t already have enough blood on your hands. SMFH.”

The UGK alum is most likely referring to the governor’s handling of Texas’ recent devastating winter storm. The state was hit with unprecedented low temperatures last month that led to rolling blackouts, water shortages and several fatalities.

At the time, Bun criticized Abbott, who blamed renewable energy for the electricity blackouts.

“So you privatized energy in the state and now it’s blowing up in your face. And you blame renewable energy, which is only 10 [percent] of the energy in this state?” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Texas deserves better than this [Gov. Abbott] so get off Fox TV and get the power back on!”

In regard to the governor’s latest executive order, Associated Press previously reported that over 42,000 Texans have died from COVID-19. However, Abbott claims more Texans are now recovering from the virus than contracting it. The state’s case numbers are reportedly the lowest they’ve been since November.

“We think it’s premature; it’s still too early,” Dallas County Health and Human Services Director Phil Huang said of the order. “We’d all love to get back to normal. [But] it’s not the time to relax.”

See Bun’s thoughts on the matter below.