Premadonna attributes her successful business skills to her African and southern roots

  /  02.24.2021

S1 E11 | PreMadonna



DJ Scream and Big Bank share nothing but “Big Facts” in their podcast, as they chop it up with today’s popular figures in the entertainment industry.

On this episode of the “Big Facts” podcast, Big Bank and DJ Scream sat down with successful entrepreneur and media personality Premadonna.

The 33-year-old has built up quite the resume since venturing off into the business world. However, before she could divulge into her list of dealings, the Miami native chatted a little about her upbringing, including her African roots and how she became the businesswoman that she is today.

“You know my dad’s from Africa, so I’m Ghanaian; I’m half. My mama [is] from Carolina, so I’m Geechee…” she explained. “My daddy used to pick at me for years. He used to tell me how Americanized I was. I mean, he used to force it. He swears I changed my accent, I don’t think it was never there, you know, children grow up, they change. However the case may be, he always told me my roots, and I think that’s really where that hustle just come from because that man will sell you a car that don’t move. He different.”

Premadonna joked about how growing up with her mother in Overtown, a neighborhood in Miami, Florida; was a bit different, but they still displayed that hustler’s mentality. “You got the best of both because she’s a Geechee. She comes from another era, working hard, Carolina…she was raised by her grandparents, so they’re very strict. So, my daddy believes in freedom, and she don’t believe in that. She believe that we live in the hood, stay your ass in the house.”

Premadonna revealed that she thought she’d grow up to be a rapper. “They got videos of me like 11 and 12 rapping, and I just thought that I was gonna be a like rapper, and that’s what everybody else thought,” she explained.

However, as she got older, the media personality quickly learned that it didn’t matter what route she decided to take in her career. All that mattered was that she possessed the talent. She eventually let go of the idea of becoming a music artist. “At some point, you could chase your dream, but you also got to wake up and say I got bills to pay.” She added, “So I’m not going to invest my time and energy into something that’s not giving me back what I want, what I need.”

The “Love and Hip Hop: Miami” star briefly talked about her YouTube channel, “Premadonna Cooks,” which has already gained over 32,000 subscribers since its launch.

She revealed that she is working on a cooking show to help people sharpen up their skills. “When I came into the cooking industry, it wasn’t no resources for me,” Premadonna explained. “I still turn on the TV, and I still see the same people on this cooking channel since 50 years ago.” And if you thought she wasn’t going to use that opportunity to promote her line of cookware and seasonings, think again.

From releasing 13 piece pots and utensils set to seasonings, Premadonna appears to do it all, but not without proper planning. When asked by DJ Scream how she goes about picking her next venture, she seemingly revealed that they’re based on her need at the moment.

“I’m cooking and I don’t like to be in the kitchen all day…that’s how the pressure cooker was born,” she explained. “Because I’m like, ‘Oh, what if I reinvent that?’ because I was scared of the pressure cooker. The old traditional one that wasn’t electric, oh no, I wasn’t cooking with that.”

Premadonna appears to be in the business industry for the long haul. “You have to understand that I have a legacy I’m trying to leave behind,” she explained. “I got four children now. I got aunties and daddies. They don’t work, my momma…This for my kid’s kid’s kids. This is generational wealth.”

Moving forward, the business mogul reflected on the expansion of her company. “I respect the warehouse because it gives you the room,” she said. “When you have room, you can grow. A lot of times, we held down in our circumstance and position because we don’t have no room.”

Premadonna continued to drop gems, stating, “To be over-the-top, you got to do some over-the-top things, and that’s just how you’re going to maintain because it’s always somebody gunning for your spot.” She added, “I created a lane, and it ain’t no traffic in my lane. So, you know it’s coming just because you don’t see traffic right now…You got a head start. Keep going. Soon as you let someone pass you, now it’s their lane and you got to adjust and go to their map.”

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