As we near the end of Black History Month, we are back with another Black figure who’s doing the work to break ground. This week, it’s comedian, actor, writer, and activist Brandon Kyle Goodman.

Born and raised in Queens, New York; Goodman found his passion for acting during his high school years. Following his heart, he studied at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and joined a sketch comedy group after graduating. After finding his voice, he moved to L.A. where Goodman found himself working for shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

A force to be reckoned with, he moves through the industry fearlessly, ready to challenge the narrative of what it means to be both Black and queer. Goodman is a change-maker with a soft touch. A large portion of his catalog holds deep purpose, as he chooses to bring forth representation and stories untold.

Take a look at seven reasons why Goodman is the rising face of comedy below.

1. Activism

As 2020 came with a pandemic and racial battles not seen in years, many entertainers and everyday people found themselves driven by purpose and into the fight. Goodman became one of those individuals. Lending his voice to the Black Lives Matter Movement, he grew his platform speaking from his heart about racial injustices and the plight of Black people. However, the list doesn’t stop there. A man of several causes, Goodman also supports the Innocence Project, Color of Change, the LA LGBT Center, and more.

2. Representation Matters

In everything that Goodman does, he sticks to the script of his life. Whether serious or telling jokes, he tells stories that allow for several views of a Black man or queer man to be seen on television and he doesn’t do it just for him. Understanding the complexity of both, he uses his voice in unique ways to educate others on topics only someone like him could truthfully share.

3. Black Folx” and “Do The Work”

As a voice for the community, Goodman created two podcasts that uplift, educate, and make people laugh. “Black Folx” is a weekly conversation hosted by the talented Goodman, where he and his guest discuss the Black experience and how it’s shaped the individual. “Do The Work” covers race and personal relationships.

4. The Politics of Being a Comedian

As a comedian, Goodman uses his jokes to bring a softer awareness to the same topics he goes hard on. Having built trust with his audiences, the talent’s tactics on stage and when writing are to simply tell the truths of the disenfranchised, but make it funny. His activism reaches far beyond a protest. It’s inscribed in each skill he possesses, and Goodman uses each to his advantage.

5. Paving a Way for the Shift in Comedy

Still a student of his craft, Goodman observes the changes of the industry. As far as inclusion goes, the talent believes he’s in great company and has been a leader in making room for his community. When it comes to Hollywood, his work is about highlighting stories like his own, which aren’t seen often. Goodman’s goal on shows like “Big Mouth” was to tell a fuller story that included a colorful and more realistic version of the world. His position allows for more LGBTQ+ and Black voices to be heard, and he takes on the task with joy.

6. Doing the Work

Like the title of his podcast, Goodman does the work he speaks of. As a role model for so many Black and queer writers, his position and track record prove the power of creating. The star’s biggest piece of advice to young creators has consistently been to continue to work on your craft regardless of recognition or money. As more creators continue to push out their passion projects, Hollywood will be forced to notice the underdogs and in return, stop the performative acts and do something real. Goodman’s legacy as of now has shown what doing the work can really achieve, as it’s been his gateway to pulling up a seat at the table of Netflix and other streaming services top-rated shows.

7. Proud

With so much on his shoulders, Goodman carries does it all with ease. As he continues to break barriers and present himself in different rooms, his authenticity is most unique. Goodman doesn’t hold back on sharing his life’s story with his supporters. He instead uses himself and what he represents as fuel to continue fighting, inspiring, and empowering.