Sylvan LaCue has officially released the first part of the trilogy that is Young Sylvan, out now via Guin Records. Paired with the new project comes a new music video as well for the intro track “Young Sylvan Back,” where the rapper lets people know he’s still got it:

Life had a n***a trippin I ain’t know why how, I gotta stay free out in these streets dog I don’t like vows/ Took over the lease on that bitch now it’s my house. Don’t send me no contracts my n***a shit is on flight now/ Switch up on me better be prepared to run your lights out/ Settle shit like grown men not now n***a but right now, and I’m pulling up dolo on yo set ain’t no time outs. Face to face no DM’s my n***a I don’t like to type out.

Prior to this was his 2018 album Apologies in Advance. Along with the release, Sylvan has made sure to include a set of rules he wishes for fans to follow. “Please believe I will be enforcing them expeditiously,” he writes as he lays out the guidelines:

  1. First rule of Young Sylvan is you do not ask Young Sylvan about Young Sylvan.
  3. Someone recites the lyrics wrong, leaks the album, or asks for “the old Sylvan,” you’re banned.
  4. Must be listened to at MAX levels.
  5. One song at a time.
  6. No skips. NO SKIPS.
  7. Young Sylvan will take as long as he wants to get his point across.
  8. If this is your first time listening to Young Sylvan, you have to share it with the homies & that’s on God.

Be sure to press play on Sylvan LaCue’s new project Young Sylvan Ep. 1 and also check out the new music video for “Young Sylvan Back” down below.