Talib Kweli is setting the record straight after reports about his estranged wife Cynthia Greene a.k.a. DJ Eque filing for divorce surfaced. Following TMZ’s report that Greene submitted court documents, Kweli clarified the context behind their ultimate split.

According to a report from Vlad TV published Saturday (Feb. 20), the Black Star rapper issued a statement that offers a brief explanation as to why Greene filed for divorce. Although he doesn’t cover any specific details, Kweli does indicate that he has not been with his ex-wife for quite some time. Apparently, they haven’t lived together in the same home for at least six years.

“Eque and I have been separated since 2015,” Kweli said. “We haven’t lived in the same house or even seen each other since 2015.”

Kweli and Greene got hitched back in May 2009. A year later, the couple got kicked out of a club in New York City after they got into a nasty fight. According to sources close to Greene, the rapper’s ex-wife reportedly got angry when she allegedly saw Kweli get too comfy during a conversation with another woman. Despite the brawl, the couple remained legally married up until this year. They currently have no minor children together.

The divorce comes nearly a year after Kweli was suspended from Twitter for engaging in a derogatory Twitter spat with Twitter user Maya Moody, who shared a tweet that questioned Greene’s blackness. After he was suspended for sharing Moody’s phone number, Kweli ditched the social media platform altogether and told Billboard that the suspension was ridiculous.

“It’s official,” Kweli wrote in his Instagram caption last year. “I have officially left @twitter for the greener pastures of @patreon which is membership fee based. Now most of my exchanges will always be with real fans who invest in me. I spent 11 years there, all great times.”

While the Radio Silence rapper has offered his piece, Greene has yet to comment on the situation.