Bun B is speaking up for the millions of Texans left without electricity and water amidst the state’s power grid failure. The Houston native, who has been sharing news updates and resources throughout the winter storm, took to Instagram to criticize Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s handling of the historic emergency.

“So you privatized energy in the state and now it’s blowing up in your face. And you blame renewable energy, which is only 10 [percent] of the energy in this state?” Bun captioned a photo of Abbott on Fox News. “Texas deserves better than this [Gov. Abbott] so get off Fox TV and get the power back on!”

The Texas governor recently went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News segment and blamed renewable energy for Texas’ current power disaster, despite the fact that solar and wind provide only 10 percent of the state’s electricity. Rather, Texas is the only state in the continental U.S. that operates its own electrical grid, largely due to the local government’s resistance to federal regulation.

In a second Instagram post, Bun B described the perilous severity of the storm and predicted that the actual death toll is much larger than is being reported.

“There’s gonna be a lot of dead people,” he said. “They’re not even really sure [right now] how many people have been poisoned by carbon monoxide. I think they had 300 people so far. Not dead, but sick.”

“People are sleeping outside. People are dying. People are freezing to death,” he continued. “There was an elderly couple that died in their house. People are bringing barbecue pits and shit inside their house ‘cause they don’t know better, ‘cause they never been through this.”

Bun shouted out Trae tha Truth and others who have been helping out fellow Texans during this time.

“When this is all said and done… we’re gonna have a lot of people, unfortunately, that are seriously injured or dead because of the ramifications of not having power for their family,” he added somberly. “Because the state is playing the same old bullshit money game with people’s lives that they’ve been playing.”

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