/  02.15.2021

S1 E1 | Toxic Valentine's Day with Chris Brown


Justin Laboy, the man behind your favorite memes, makes his REVOLT debut with his new show “Respectfully Justin.” It doesn’t get anymore toxic than this series, as he discusses relationships, situationships, love, lust and more with special celeb guests. This is the safe place.

The series premiere of “Respectfully Justin” finally went down on Valentine’s Day and we loved it. To kick things off, the guy behind the most toxic memes on social media, Justin Laboy, opened up the show with a FaceTime conversation with NBA star Kevin Durant.  

After showcasing a beautiful lady in the tub behind him, Laboy asked Durant various toxic questions about love and what he had going on for Valentine’s Day. “I mean, I’m chillin’ bro. I’m going to enjoy my day just like any other day,” said Brooklyn Nets star.  

Casually sipping out of his mug, Laboy expressed to Durant that you can’t be by yourself when depression hits in times like this with no Valentine. “It depends on how you view Valentine’s Day,” KD responded. “If it means something to you, well, you should go find yourself. If it’s not a meaningful day to you, then have a good day whatever you like to do.” Laboy laughed at his response, basically considering Valentine’s Day to be a scam and not a real holiday.

The conversation between the two continued as the ball player stated that if he had a queen to spoil, he would do so on Feb. 12 and then questioned that he would have to spoil her again on the 14th. When asked about sharing his advice for a guy who doesn’t make as much money as him, KD said, “I would tell him to focus on himself. Find different experiences, and have a good time. Get in a couple of different flings here and there.” 

He continued, “You don’t have to have a silent girlfriend just because you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Find out who you are first, and then when it’s that time, you’ll have many more Valentines.”

Laboy closed out the conversation with KD by asking him about the Verzuz battle between Chris Brown and Usher. While most fans have sided with Usher, KD believed that CB would win if there were a battle between the two R&B singers.

Speaking of the “No Guidance” singer, he popped up on the screen alongside Laboy, Justin Combs, and a crowd full of women who chimed into the “Heads Up Respectfully Justin” segment.

Laboy began with Breezy, addressing the elephant in the room about him being single or taken. His response had the ladies giving him the side eye while the men laughed along with him. “I’m single with a girlfriend,” said Brown following up with a shot to the host’s follow-up question.  

Combs, who Laboy described as a “young toxic nigga,” shared that he has never used an excuse to get out of buying a Valentine’s Day gift. While a guy to the right CB said he would “ghost her, leaving her in silence.”

The host then introduced the next segment, “Love and Relationship,” and he started with CB again with the question about which zodiac sign he would never date again. The 31-year-old laughed, claiming that it has a lot to do with him being a Taurus and women having to put up with his shit. Breezy ended his response by admitting that he has never dated a bad sign. As for Combs, he will never date another Taurus woman because “they are crazy.”

In most relationships, people become incredibly comfortable and eventually fall off — either changing their appearance, or they’re just not the person you fell for in the beginning. Then, you begin to wonder if you should leave someone or will you stick it out with them? The Virginia native uttered that if you leave someone when they’re down, then you are a piece of shit. “That means you didn’t do what you needed to do if she’s dusty while she is with you,” he continued.

Part two of “Love and Relationships” might have hit home for CB due to both of his exes recently getting out of their relationships. Laboy asked the singer what he would text his ex to test the waters. “No text,” said Brown. Although everyone didn’t believe him, CB ensured that he would not be hitting up any of his exes. Instead, he would catch them in traffic.

“I wouldn’t run down on her because then you’ll just look thirsty. For me, I’ll rather just watch you grow and do your thang. You want to come back over here, then I’ll be like, ‘Hey, what happenin’? But if not, then alright babe peace,” said Brown. He’s undecided on “spinning the block” on his ex, but he will if he loves her.  

Watch the season premiere of “Respectfully Justin” to hear more toxicity above! 


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