On Friday, Pink Sweat$ will finally unveil his debut album Pink Planet. He eased fans into the event earlier this month by releasing his remix of “At My Worst” with Kelani. On the serene new tune, Pink Sweat$ is at peace whenever he’s with lover, comparing his time with them to what heaven feels like:

Castle on a hill. Let’s build it out of steel/ Girl, I know that this love it will last. Let’s journey up the road. Ain’t gotta take it slow. You know that I don’t want no one else. I put my pride aside./I traded this whole life, just for one night, just for one night. Yeah, It’s like Heaven (Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh)/ Feels like Heaven, when I’m with you.

The music video sees the singer strolling in a field, completely surrounded by beautiful pink flowers and trees. The visual shows people joining him for a picnic as some are coupled up while others are standing alone and holding bouquets. Pink Sweat$ serenades his fellow attendees while they all enjoy a dreamy and blissful afternoon together.

Pink Sweat$ has made a name for himself as one of the R&B artists to make sure to follow, thanks to his breakthrough project Volume 1, as well as the hit single “Honesty,” as well as the subsequent VOLUME 2, which earned him a “Best New Artist” nomination at last year’s Soul Train Awards. Afterwards, he followed those two EPs with a third titled The Prelude, which boasts seven tracks from the Philadelphia talent and his “17” single.

Be sure to press play on Pink Sweat$’ new music video for “Heaven” down below.