Last year, True Story Gee unleashed his Trap Melody Kid project, and swiftly circled back around to drop his Reloaded version later on. The revamped body of work added on nine new songs, including a new intro track “New Beginning” featuring Eearz and Seddy Hendrix. The new OPNSZN-directed video debuted last night and displays the parallels many people experience, showing the artists in the trap for one scene then enjoying the view from a lavish sky rise building in the very next. After Eearz takes care of the first verse and hook, True Story Gee slides in with his introspective verse:

Diamonds on my neck but I promise it don’t mean a thing to me. Family in the trenches, it ain’t my fault but I’m still blaming me/ Mama know I’m thuggin’, she still pray for me. I just left a hoe ‘cause she went silent, ain’t no changing me/ I come from the trap and I could make a cap off anything, If I lost it all today I know you won’t be here with me/ I know I be sayin’ I hope The Lord be forgiving me.

True Story Gee is the first artist signed to the Rare Sound Label. First emerging onto the scene as a member of the collective, his “Everywhere We Go” ft. K Camp made waves in the US markets. In his latest conversation with REVOLT, K Camp gave a check in on how the Rare Sound collective is doing. “The gang is getting better and better. I signed Lil Bird, he just dropped an [EP] on May 1 called YellowBird,” said the head honcho. True Story Gee just dropped an album before the quarantine — and we’re still looking for new talent. So, we got new acts, and then, we’re also focusing on the main members, making sure they get their proper looks and all that.”

Be sure to watch True Story Gee’s new music video for “New Beginning” down below.