S1 E9 | Glen


S1 E9 | Glen "Big Baby" Davis


DJ Scream and Big Bank share nothing but “Big Facts” in their podcast, as they chop it up with today’s popular figures in the entertainment industry.

Big Bank and DJ Scream returned with another installment of the “Big Facts” podcast. In this episode, the hosts took things to the court with special guest Ronald Glen Davis, better known as Glen “Big Baby” Davis.

First off, the former NBA player talked a little bit about his background for those who were unfamiliar. Much like Boosie Badazz and Kevin Gates, Davis grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “It was crazy. Super, super crazy. You know, any day could be your day. Zombies (dope fiends) walking around, it’s crazy,” Davis said of his hometown, which was seemingly one of many reasons why the athlete made it a goal to leave the crime-ridden city.

“If you successful and you got a lot going for yourself and you from those areas, those hostile environments, you gotta go,” the 35-year-old explained. His ticket out of town would come by way of basketball.

“As soon as I figured out that, OK, I could make some money doing this, it was like straight to it,” Davis said. “And, you know, basketball opened up so many doors, and here I am now.”

However, adjusting to a new world with newfound fame and money wasn’t easy, and the former ballplayer learned a hard lesson that you can’t always take everyone to the top with you. “A part of me got over the gate, and now I want to reach back over the gate and help my brother…help my homies and help everybody in the hood, but it’s like, to a certain extent, the ones that don’t understand, you gotta kind of leave them there,” Davis told Bank. “If I bring you to another environment and you can’t change and understand and adapted, I can’t have you here. If you can’t listen and follow directions on what I need you to do, you can’t be around me. So, I had to go through that to figure out, ‘Alright, cool, this is what I need to do to stay successful.’”

In 2017, Davis found himself in a heap of trouble with law enforcement amid his athletic success. The player was arrested for drug possession and drug distribution after authorities found 126 grams of marijuana and a briefcase containing $92,000 in cash in the hotel room he and some friends were residing.

News of Davis’ arrest didn’t break until a few months after the incident took place, and from it, a photo of him eating Popeyes’s chicken on a private jet emerged. The former Celtics player broke down the situation, which he described as being blown out of proportion by the media.

H revealed that after failing to identify who the paraphernalia belonged to, police took him into custody after it was discovered that the hotel room was purchased with a credit card that belonged to him. “Can’t put the handcuffs on me cause I’m so big. They put the zip tags on me, and they couldn’t even get in the back of the car,” he explained.

The athlete revealed that ultimately charges were dropped, and his items were returned to him. However, the damage to his brand was already done.

Tarnishing his image over some weed was nothing something Davis was proud of. The topic of whether athletes should be allowed to smoke marijuana has long been a discussion. As of 2019, major league baseball allowed their players to smoke weed so long as it didn’t result in misconduct.

Big Baby gave his two cents on the matter and even revealed how he’s benefited from a little puff puff pass. “Smoke, take a shower, get ready for the game, energized. 10 to 10 rebounds, I’m amped, I’m having a good time,” he quipped. “Weed helped me, especially with my pain, you know, just mentally, just zoning in. It helped me a lot.”

Later on, Davis reflected on his sports legacy and being on a team who harbored household names like Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. He seemingly wasn’t bothered by the lack of credit given to him as his team went off to the championship. “I just knew my role with the Celtics,” he explained. “We had so many stars, so it was like, ‘How could I fit in without overdoing it?’ How could I do it within the confines of the team, so when I was out there playing, I was a role player that played to the max.”

He continued, “And I was just in the right place at the right time and did some things to kind of help me stick. I could go anywhere, and people would go, ‘Oh, that’s Big Baby.’ So, it’s like, I did something right.”

As of late, the former athlete says he’s working on putting together a celebrity boxing match with more details soon to come. When asked if he’d ever get into the ring with the legendary Mike Tyson, Davis had a pretty fascinating response. “Only reason why I would say yeah [is] ‘cause I know what I’m doing… I’m making Tyson fight out there. I’m not letting Tyson fight here (close to him),” he explained. “I’m moving my feet. I’m moving out of his punch range and moving away from his strong hand. But, I ain’t scared to get knocked out, so, I ain’t trippin’.”

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