The former police officer behind the fatal shooting of Andre Hill was released from jail after posting bond.

According to the Associated Press, Adam Coy became a free man on Tuesday (Feb. 9) hours after his bond was reduced to $1 million — one third less than the original amount.

Coy was responding to a non-emergency call about a vehicle that was reportedly turning on and off when he arrived at Hill’s home and shot him within seconds of encountering him in his garage. He was arrested and placed in Franklin County jail on charges of murder, felony assault and dereliction of duty.

The fired cop’s bond was set at $3 million. However, during a virtual court hearing on Tuesday (Feb. 9), his attorney Mark Collins argued the amount was unconstitutional.

“Even the officer in the George Floyd case was given a $1 million bond, and this case is nothing like that in any way, shape or form,” Collins said after the initial bond was set. “Our client had a good faith basis to believe that the individual had a silver revolver and he responded. He’s done everything that’s been asked of him. And this $3 million bond is just what we feel inappropriate.”

In a motion to the court, Collins said that Coy turned himself in shortly after his indictment and has been in compliance with all orders. He said that his client did not flee although he was aware of the charges against him and suggested the court take his passport if they believed he would be break free before the trial.

Franklin County Judge Stephen McIntosh lowered the bond in response to the motion.

“We appreciate the opportunity to file our motion, and the opportunity to have the hearing today,” Collins said in a statement. “As a result, a more reasonable bond was set.”

As a condition of his release, Coy is required to refrain from contacting any officers associated with the case. He was also asked to surrender his passport.