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As we all continue to shine in Black History Month, we’re here once more to amplify the voice of another force within the community. This week, we’re looking at artists like the multi-disciplinary designer and creative director Laci Jordan.

Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama, the now Los Angeles-based artist focuses her time uplifting the Black experience with her art. Following her heart’s true desires, she’s built a world of wonder and color for the culture having worked with several publications and big-name corporations. Now, the freelance artist spends her days creating nonstop, leaving pieces of herself, her passion, and spirit into each design.

Proud of who she is and what she stands for, Jordan has an unapologetic approach in her work. Her story is one that proves following your passion and purpose will indeed be a rewarding path. Although she has much life to live and more art to create, her belief in herself and her people has made Jordan a staple in the design world and the perfect role model for young designers.

Super confident, cool, and empowered, take a look at seven ways Laci Jordan is lighting up the world of design.

1. A Lesson on Following Your Dreams

Before becoming a full-time artist, Jordan was in school at the University of Alabama where she gained a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Digital Media. While working toward a career as either an FBI agent or lawyer, she was introduced to Adobe Suite. Still enrolled in school for her BA, she took a Clothing Textile Design class, which brought her pure happiness. Though she kept on track to get her degree a year early, Jordan quickly pivoted into the world of art, graduating a year later with a Design degree. Within a few months, she had her first job at Disney and the rest would be history. Now a full-time freelancer, Jordan works on her terms and answers to seemingly no one except the community that she carries on her back with ease.

2. A True Renaissance Woman

Jordan holds onto her creativity and freedom, and lets it be the driving force for her forward movement. A woman of many talents, she steps beyond design and has skills in photography, illustration, web design, marketing, curation, and more. While she is mostly known for her illustrations, her ability to pivot industries and positions makes her the perfect creative director. A student of her craft, Jordan uses each opportunity to teach her new methods of meshing each skill, helping her to create full stories time and time again. A boss by nature, Jordan is a one-woman force with much to offer.

3. “No Filter”

Jordan’s work is precisely what she is: unapologetic. She creates art with no filter as she says. Beyond the colors, shapes, and geometric patterns, her work is just as unfiltered as she is. The key to much of her success is the ability to story tell in a truthful and beautiful manner. Inspired by authenticity, Jordan aims to bring to life the world she sees — a world that is 100 percent her, and just as much relatable to those like her.

4. Laci’s Purpose

It’s evident in Jordan work that her focus and inspiration come from the Black experience. The artist’s pieces put Black stories and people into rooms where they don’t exist, as well as Black designers. A pioneer in her own right, her work has helped forge an avenue for designers, most importantly, women ones. Jordan uses her creativity not only to succeed on her own journey, but also to serve the future of multi-disciplinary creatives to gain bigger opportunities.

5. An Ode to Black Millennial Women

As she has said before, Jordan’s work is for the Black woman and most importantly, created by a Black woman — two concepts rarely seen in the majority of industries. Oftentimes, Black women are unable to tell their own story. With her work, the artist can imagine worlds not seen while equally shining a light on the realities of BIPOC women. With her work having been found to be just as relatable to women of different backgrounds, Jordan has secured a common ground each woman can rely on to empower and build a community of support upon.

6. Working In Unlikely Places

Since moving to Los Angeles, the creative has worked for Foot Locker, ESPN, Jordan Brand, Hypebeast, and Planned Parenthood. With each opportunity, she uses her skills to bring a unique story to life, putting not only herself into a new realm, but the Black community. Not folding on her politics and purpose, Jordan’s stories are always truthful and in great taste. With vivid colors, she adds a soft and appealing touch to darker stories. On the other hand, Jordan’s art illuminates those of great stories and creates timeless pieces to cherish for years to come, as she breaks barriers entering industries in need of her creative and honest eye.

7. Using Her Voice

If we as a people learned anything in summer 2020, it is that there is not one singular way to push the movement forward. A fighter in her own right, Jordan uses her art to not only inspire but to evoke social change. During the most recent election, the artist created pieces inspiring those in her hometown to register and vote, condemn white supremacy, and fight for their power as a citizen of America. Jordan also created pieces encouraging the community to circulate the Black dollar by supporting Black-owned businesses. The creative also puts a visual voice behind the women’s movement, urging them to utilize their voice to advocate for equality amongst the sexes. A woman with many causes, Jordan is true to what she believes and isn’t afraid to use each opportunity as a moment to do her part in the betterment of the culture.




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