Rihanna voiced her support for Indian farmers’ protests on Tuesday (Feb. 2) after the country’s government blocked demonstrators’ internet access. On Twitter, the global pop star asked her 100 million followers, “Why aren’t we talking about this!?” in response to the shutdown.

According to CNN, internet access remained restricted on Monday (Feb. 1) in several districts as the Indian government tries to crack down on protests. The ban arrives after a weekend of violent clashes between police and farmers, who are protesting controversial agricultural reforms.

The internet shutdown was first imposed last Tuesday (Jan. 26) in three Haryana districts and was supposed to last for 24 hours, but has been extended in the following days. A 48-hour ban was also ordered near Delhi’s border on Friday (Jan. 29) “in the interest of maintaining public safety and averting public emergency,” India’s Ministry of Home Affairs said.

Rihanna’s support for the farmers’ protest was praised by other advocates of the movement on Twitter.

“Thank you for speaking up rih! For those unaware of whats happening in India, 250 million farmers are on a protest for fair prices and control over their product, if you wanna know how huge that number is, the population of USA is 330 million. Let that sink in,” one person wrote.

The Indian government has faced criticism for its handling of protesters, especially in regard to social media and internet access. The recent shutdown arrived after a deadly clash between demonstrators and police on Jan. 26, the country’s Republic Day, that reportedly left dozens of officers and one protester dead.

On Wednesday (Jan. 27), Samyukta Kisan Morcha, a group that represents the farmers, said that over 100 protesters were still missing after the incident.

Shortly after expressing outrage over the internet shutdown, Rihanna also responded to the recent military coup in Myanmar, saying her “prayers are with” the country. See her tweets below.