A white woman was recorded launching a racist verbal attack on two Black men in Lehigh Acres, Florida. The two men, Will Osley and Melvin Finley, own a moving company and had been working to unload sheet metal from a semi-truck on Saturday (Jan. 23) when they were confronted by Gina Brashear. According to NBC 2, Brashear had been angry that the men’s truck was parked on her road and proceeded to spew a hateful speech, repeatedly calling them the N-word.

“Me and him are on the back of the truck. We’re still working. We’re still unloading the sheets of metal onto the pallet,” Finley told the outlet. “We start hearing this commotion on the other side of the truck getting louder and louder and more intense.”

The customer, who preferred to stay anonymous, filmed Brashear’s verbal attack.

“You’re on my shit list,” she told the men. “And if you think I’m gonna have a fucking ni**er tell me he’s not moving off my driveway; think again.”

The customer tells Brashear she can’t use that language, to which she replies, “I can use the word ni**er all goddamn motherfucking day.”

The woman filming the incident tells Brashear, “You’re harassing us now,” but Brashear continues on with her racist rant.

“Good, the cops are coming; tell them I called ya’ll ni**ers,” she yells. “When they pass a law that I can’t say ni**er please bring it to me in writing.”

After the incident, NBC 2 interviewed Brashear, who defended her actions.

“It doesn’t matter if I said [the N-word] 100 times in 30 seconds. There’s nothing illegal about saying it,” she said.

When the reporter asked Brashear if she thinks it’s “ok to use that derogatory word,” Brashear replied, “Absolutely.”

She added that she has “reasons to be racist.”

“The one you need to get straight coming from me: I don’t care who’s upset. I don’t care that I’m called a racist,” she continued.

Osley and Finley told NBC 2 they wanted to share their shocking experience to spread awareness about racism and hate.

“I’ve been insulted before. It’s nothing new to me, but this time around it’s a little, I don’t know, it just feels a little different,” Finley said. “I have a 7-year-old son and I dread the day that he would have to go through anything similar to what I have had to go through.”

“We have a very long way to go,” he added. “We have not come as far as we claim. We have a long way to go.”

Watch the disturbing video below.