S1 E7 | YK Osiris


S1 E7 | YK Osiris


DJ Scream and Big Bank share nothing but “Big Facts” in their podcast, as they chop it up with today’s popular figures in the entertainment industry.

“Big Facts” with Big Bank and DJ Scream returned with another hot episode with R&B singer YK Osiris.

Right off the top, Scream wanted to know the details behind the infamous Gucci jacket scandal. Earlier this month, YK went viral after 21 Savage and a few others, including Mustard and Meek Mill, roasted the 22-year-old over a red custom Gucci jacket he flaunted during an Instagram Live session. 21 told YK he looked like a suitcase, and folks on social media haven’t been right since.

While the jacket was authentic, a job done by designer Made by Exclusive Gang, YK revealed he had some reservations about wearing the custom piece.

“I saw the two brown colors, and I was like, ‘Should I put on this fit?’ And I called in my boys like, ‘Aye man, like, what y’all think about my fit?’” the “Worth It” singer explained. “They be like, ‘Boy you put that thang on, you steppin’. You put that thank on.’ I thought I was fresh. I really thought I was fresh.” YK admitted that he got the inspiration for the look from rappers Busta Rhymes and Moneybagg Yo, who worn similarly styled coats in the past.

The singer said that at the time, although he thought his outfit was certified fresh, despite 21’s comment, he knew he had made a fashion faux pas when the Atlanta rapper called Mustard and others into the mix. Nonetheless, he was a good sport throughout the whole ordeal. “The difference between me is like, I like joking, I’m very fun. My personality is very funny. I like being funny,” YK told the group. “When 21 is clowning. Them boys are clowning, guess what? I’ma go clown too. Y’all not just going to be on my case. I’ll be on y’all case, too. You play with me, I’ma play with y’all. Even with Yatchy, stay in ya place over there cause I can get busy, too. I just like joking. A lot of people can’t take jokes, but I can take jokes.”

On a more serious note, Scream asked YK about his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine. The star has been very vocal on social media platforms in the past about his decision not to take the potentially life-saving shot. “I feel like I ain’t getting it because it’s like the mark of the beast to me. I feel like it’s a trick, and I ain’t on that,” the artist explained.

When Bank asked if he would reconsider if it ended up affecting his income and how he did concerts, the singer responded that he prays that he doesn’t have to get it. YK also doubts that everyone will voluntarily go out and get the vaccine, and compared it to how folks were told to stay inside but don’t adhere to those rules either. “The thing is, it’s going to take years before it really sticks, and they want everybody to get that [vaccine],” YK added.

Getting back to the topic of music, the singer chatted about how he felt about the term “one-hit wonder.” “I don’t feel like nobody is a one-hit wonder,” he explained. “A lot of people done fell off, like this, like that. There’s no such thing as fell off. I feel like it’s cooling down or taking a break or, you know, losing your momentum.”

When he got a little push back from Bank, YK pleaded his case, saying, “You gotta understand that a lot of people fall off not by their music, it’s just some things be ‘bout business and what they got going on behind that.”

He continued: “A man could come out with a hit at any time. If you can come out with one hit, you can come out with another one. It’s a matter of time. It’s momentum too, but it’s a lot of people that be doubtin’ people because they probably ain’t make a hit in two years, and then they come out with a hit out of nowhere like this. And they be like, ‘What the heck, where they came from?’ Then they want to ride that wave again.”

YK implored fans to show artists some respect when it comes to the creative process. “When it’s your turn, it’s your turn. That’s how it be,” he continued. “When you see these artists be coming up how they be coming up, it be their turn.”

The “Valentine” singer expressed that a lot of the backlash surrounding the discussion about stars being one-hit wonders comes a lot from social media critics who feel as though if you’re not flashy and flaunting your riches, presumably, you “fell off.”

“We got people like J. Cole, people that’s not flashy. People like Kendrick Lamar that’s not flashy that got major dollars,” he said. “But when you flashing big bankrolls on Instagram and they don’t see it no more, you ‘fell off.’ So, what’s your definition of falling off?”

And without giving away too much detail, YK spoke a little about some of the things he has in store for his fans and how this year, he plans on solidifying himself as an R&B centered act.

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