The dynamic duo Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings of the Earn Your Leisure podcast came through the “85 South Show” trap this week to drop a few gems on how to become financially literate and financially free. The pair, joined by Leon Howard a.k.a The Wall Street Trapper, break down a few ways to start acquiring wealth and “owning your 24 hours” with Karlous Miller.

Rashad, a financial advisor and Troy, a former educator, started the Earn Your Leisure podcast a couple of years ago with the goal of spreading financial literacy to underserved communities. Their podcast has since grown to reach millions of people, and they recently signed on to be a part of Charlamagne Tha God’s Black Effect Network on iHeartRadio. On this episode, the Earn Your Leisure crew provides some valuable tips and insights into methods to build and maintain wealth while you sleep. The guys talk about starting wherever you are in your financial journey and growing from there by educating yourself and shifting your mindset. They also talk about the different million-dollar hustles that anyone can start — hustles in the beauty industry, trucking and vending machines to name a couple.

The Wall Street Trapper talks about his growth from the time he did a 10-year prison bid to coming home and investing in the stock market. He also talks about using his platform to teach others financial literacy in the simplest form and in ways that they understand.

The guys reminisce about arguably one of the best eras in hip hop, the ‘90s and 00s. They debate on who really ran hip hop during that time. Did Cash Money Records really take over or was Dipset running things?

Karlous provides some insight on how to start your hustle from nothing. He also talks about supporting Black businesses and the time he gave pineapples to a group of Atlanta water boys.

Grab your notebook and enjoy this economically informative episode below!