Tee Grizzley and blood brother Baby Grizzley have teamed up for Tee’s new single ”Gave That Back.” The hard-hitting track comes accompanied by a music video. The visual opens up with the brothers standing in front of a huge blowing sign that reads “DETROIT” (their home city, and proves to be a family affair not just with the appearance of Baby Grizzley, but their mother as well, and a hook about family:

I ain’t goin’ back and forth with n***as ‘less it’s on the track. Me and broski twinnin’, winnin’, rappin’, still’ll twist your cap./ Gave my mama all that time, she did ten and gave that back. Now your kids rich, Mar Mar blew eighty stacks and made that back.

Then, Baby Grizzley swoops in for the first verse:

My n***a Tee the sergeant, neighborhood locksmith. Uberin’ with Ks, five stars, get a top liftIf I gotta stand tall, I’ma drop shit./ Westside, thirty on the Wesson, call it Glocksmith (Boom).

​​​​​​​Baby Grizzley serves as Tee’s first official signing to his label imprint Grizzley Gang. T he brothers hit the ground running with releases such as Baby Grizzley’s ”Add It Up”, which started trending on Youtube upon its release and racked up over 3 Million+ views and ”Twin Grizzlies.” Back in June, Tee Grizzley unveiled his project The Smartest, which saw 17 cuts and features from Queen Naija, Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, and more. In 2020, he also made an appearance on Berner’s newest project Russ Bufalino: The Quiet Don on the track “R.I.P., and pulled up for the music video. He also lobbed an assist to $tupid Young on his track “Wit A Sticc,” to Jackboy on “Married To My Enemies.”

Be sure to tune into Tee Grizzley’s brand new “Gave That Back” music video featuring Baby Grizzley down below.