Weeks after the horrendous U.S. Capitol riots by Trump supporters and more developments are continuing to unfold. According to multiple outlets including New York Daily News, one rioter who reportedly assaulted Capitol Police tried to flee the country for Switzerland and attempt suicide before he was caught by authorities on Friday (Jan. 22).

Jeffrey Sabol is 51 years old, and there is video footage of him beating up and dragging a police officer down a flight of Capitol steps during the riots in “a fit of rage.” Prosecutors would later say that he admitted to the crime including Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Gianforte, who spoke about Sabol’s actions in White Plains Federal Court today.

As the footage continues, the arrested rioter was also seen holding a policeman’s baton across a cop’s neck. In court, Magistrate Judge Andrew Krause ordered him to be held in jail without bail. “The conduct is beyond the pale … I find it shocking,” the presiding judge said.

“While I do recognize Mr. Sabol has many things going for him in life, none of that stopped him from engaging in the conduct described in the complaint and captured on video. I cannot say with any confidence or certainty similar actions won’t occur in the future.”

In regard to Sabol trying to run to Switzerland, “What is one of the many things Switzerland is known for? One of them is being a non-extradition country,” Gianforte said to the judge. “He thinks he won’t get shipped back home to face the music.”

Furthermore, when he attempted suicide, Sabal was held in a psychiatric center at Westchester Medical Center for a number of days before his arrest this morning. “I’m sorry frankly for what Mr. Sabol has been through … But his suicide attempt can be taken as consciousness of guilt,” Gianforte added.