Lil’ Kim may be the next rap icon to have her life story made into a biographical film, and she already has an idea on who she’d want to portray her. Speaking with Essence, the 9 spitter revealed that she’d either want a fellow Brooklyn native to play her or Teyana Taylor.

“It can only be a girl that’s from the hood that I’m from,” she told the outlet. “I love Teyana; she’s my only other thought. There’s nobody else in the industry at all but Teyana.”

“But, even before Teyana — I love Teyana, but she’s from Harlem — before Teyana, I would love to give some little girls from Brooklyn a chance so I can connect. Really connect,” she added.

Kim said she’s interested in having her story told in a biopic so that fans can know the “real” her.

“I want people to know the real Kim,” she said. “All the stories that everybody else tells, chile, don’t listen to it.”

“I see my movie in parts,” she continued. “So, I have to find the perfect little girl, then I have to find the teenager, then I have to find the perfect teenager into almost like young adult, and then I play the remaining part myself.”

The last actress to portray Kim in a movie was not well-received by the rapper. In 2009, Naturi Naughton played Kim in the film Notorious, which Kim said she felt was a “spoof.”

“It was something that I would have never approved,” she explained on REVOLT’s “The Fat Joe Show.” “I didn’t like who played me.”

“I would go to Brooklyn and find a girl within that period that I feel represents Brooklyn; knows what it’s like to grow up in Brooklyn,” she added at the time. “And then once I got in the movie, and I get a little older, I would play myself from that stage. But from that point, I gotta go to Brooklyn and give some little girl from Brooklyn a chance to really, really show, I know who Lil’ Kim is for real.”

For Taylor, this is the second portrayal role she’s been offered. Last month, Dionne Warwick also said she’d want the Harlem native to play her in a movie.

“This is a case for [Netflix]. Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be [Teyana Taylor],” Warwick tweeted.