Rico Nasty just made her late night television debut with her live performance of “OHFR?” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Right from the first verse, the track is packed with everything viewers needed, including her signature aggressive delivery, a shoutout to Aminé, and even a reference to one of her biggest hits:

I was taught to feel how I feel, keep it real. Diamonds wet, they shockin’ bitches, neckpiece like an eel. N***as said I’m actin’ different since I got a deal. I just think I’m eatin’ different, more food for the meal. No more Happy Meals, just champagne cheers. I used to not have fans, now I fill up fields. Bought a new housе, but I need me a buildin’. I can’t stop until I’m makin’ me a billion. No Aminé, we reel in. Any bitchеs fishin’ and seekin’ out for attention. Geekin’ in the mentions. Please don’t make me have to smack a bitch. Ooh, I been itchin’.

“OHFR?” is the rage-filled 4th single off of Rico Nasty’s debut studio album, Nightmare Vacation. It is produced by Dylan Brady of 100 gecs. A snippet of the song’s music video was posted to Nasty’s Instagram account on Oct. 31, 2020, with the single dropping officially with the full music video a few days later on Nov. 10, 2020. The Nightmare Vacation is equipped with with 16 records in total and includes features from Don Toliver, Gucci Mane, Aminé, Trippie Redd and more.

Rico has previously shared her thoughts about this song in particular, and she revealed the track was basically a happy accident. “It was just one of those days where I remember it was hella gloomy and the song was made very fast. Dylan [Brady] was there, and the exhausting part with this song was the fucking beat,” she says. “When we had tried to set it up, there was something wrong with the BPM. It was weird, like people were like, ‘I don’t know if you can even get on it because of the way that the beat is set up’ or whatever. But I still got on it. We still went crazy. ‘OHFR?’ is definitely an anthem for people to put they middle fingers up, and it’s just in your face.”

Be sure to check out Rico Nasty’s live performance of “OHFR?” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon down below.