Back in July, 38 Spesh unleashed his 6 Shots project, and now months later he presents an official visual for one of its stand-out cuts “Dirty Revolver.” On the song, 38 Spesh finds himself in his comfort zone as he spits over his own production:

Ayo, you act tough but have never been y’all. Talk’s cheap whenever you speak, pistol make you leak whatever is in y’all. My cheddar’s been long, I could be gone twenty-seven years long. Still come home doing better than y’all. This arm make you sit calm, take your shit off. Big ass revolver in palm’ll be the spin-off. Beef with whoever involved. I don’t care, whatever the odds is, I still bet against y’all. I hear my style in you. To hell’s where I’ll send you in front of a crowded venue. I’ll end you, n***as’ snakes and pigs, I see the foul in you.

38 Spesh has truly been one of the busiest people in the game last year. In 2020, he dropped off numerous projects, including 1995, two projects with Elcamino titled Sacred Psalms and Martyr’s Prayer, Community Service with Street Justice, Top of the Red with Chase Fetti, Loyalty and Trust 2 with Flee Lord, Speshal Blends, Ways and Means with Rasheed Chappell, Army of Trust II with Trust Army, 1000 Words with 1000 Words, Trust the Chain with Planet Asia, and Juno with Che Noir. He can also be heard assisting on projects like the late Fred the Godson’s Payback and Benny The Butcher’s The Plugs I Met.

Be sure to check out the new official music video for “Dirty Revolver” down below. In case you missed it, you can also tune in to his 6 Shots project as well.