/  01.10.2021

Last week, multiple outlets reported that Trump supporter Kevin Greeson was one of the people who died as a pro-Trump riot stormed the U.S. Capitol to stop the President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory. It was stated that he passed away after tasering himself and suffering a heart attack as a result.

However, now Kevin’s wife is coming forward to clear the air. Apparently, yes, her husband was at the storming and did have a fatal heart attack. However, she says that he didn’t tase himself before his death. “Snopes spoke with Kristi Greeson, the wife of the late Kevin Greeson, who told us that there was no truth to the allegation that her husband’s heart attack was the result of his accidentally tasing himself,” news outlet Snopes reports.

“Greeson said that her husband attended the Capitol riot but never entered the building. Kevin had told his wife that he was in a safe area, but then he described seeing people pushing a barrier at a nearby location.”

The now-widow also told the publication: “He just stopped talking, and I could hear all the people. That’s when he had the heart attack. He died instantly.”

The New York Times also spoke to Kristi last Thursday, the day after the riot. “Ms. Greeson said her husband, who was a father of five, had left home on Tuesday, spending the night in Virginia with a friend,” the outlet said. “She said her husband, who had high blood pressure, was excited to attend the rally, believing the election had been stolen.”

According to TMZ, weeks before his demise, Kevin posted a photo of himself as held two AK-15s with the caption: “I wish these motherfuckers would come to my hood!”

A supposed big fan of the app Parler, the outlet also claims that he posted other messages on social media such as “Let’s take this fucking Country BACK! Load your guns and take to the streets” and “Maybe Nancy Pelosi will get it and die!”

A total of six people have since died after the U.S. Capitol riots: Four Trump supporters and two Capitol Policemen, one who committed suicide yesterday (Jan. 9).

A number of rioters have already been arrested and federally charged for their roles in the storming. The FBI is now looking to seek more action against everyone involved in the attempted coup.


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