In the aftermath of the Capitol riots, the level of extreme danger that members of the House and Senate were in is becoming more clear.

On Saturday (Jan. 9), TMZ identified several videos from the Capitol riots in which Trump supporters are seen and heard verbally threatening harm towards Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the first video, the insurrectionists are seen attempting to burst through a door into the building while chanting “Hang Mike Pence! Hang Mike Pence!” Outside of the building, the rioters managed to set-up a wooden gallow with a noose hanging down from it.

Elsewhere inside the building, groups of rioters were recorded actively hunting for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In the video, you can hear the rioters threatening to get Pelosi while she was inside the building. One elderly woman can be heard yelling “Tell Pelosi we’re coming after that bitch!” Others shouted more derogatory comments about her before busting into another familiar chant “Stop the Steal.”

The damning videos continue to pour in as the investigation into the Capitol riots proceeds. Five people died as a result of the riots including an Air Force veteran who broke into the Capitol building and Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick. In addition, Capitol police officer Howard Liebengood took his own life three days after the riots.

The FBI is currently reviewing evidence that points to the possibility that the event was an inside job with assistance from Capitol police and building staffers. Over the weekend, the authorities were able to arrest several key insurrectionists from the riots. While the FBI conducts their investigation, survivors of the invasion are also convinced that the riot was an inside job.

“I do believe that something was going on,” House Majority Whip James Clayborn said about the riots on Sunday (Jan. 10). “They knew where to go. I’ve been told … by some other Congress people that their staff are saying that they saw people being allowed into the building through side doors. Who opened those side doors for these protesters, or I call them these mobsters, to come into the building, not through the main entrance where magnetometers are but through side doors. Yes, somebody on the inside of those buildings were complicit in this.”

Watch the other video from the U.S. Capitol riots below.