Kodak Black’s efforts to be released from prison have reportedly hit another roadblock. According to VladTV, the incarcerated rapper’s request to have his prison sentence reduced was denied last week by federal prosecutors, who argued that he didn’t provide a valid reason as to why his sentence should be reduced and claimed he failed to follow legal procedure.

“[Kodak Black] has not presented ‘extraordinary and compelling reasons’ supporting his request for release,” assistant U.S. Attorney Bruce O. Brown wrote in his motion denying Kodak’s request. “Stated [for] correction: [Kodak] has not presented ANY reason supporting his request for release. He merely states he is not an evil person and promises to participate in community-based programs aimed at helping the ‘younger generation.’ That simply is inadequate pursuant to the statute.”

Kodak previously submitted a handwritten letter making his plea for early release. In the letter, the 23-year-old pledged to dedicate himself to youth-based programs and said he wanted to live a “positive life.”

“With all due deference, I come in truth,” he wrote. “I acknowledge my mistakes and I take full responsibility for my actions. I am not a evil or demented person. I am salvageble [sic] and I have the ability and potential to live a prosperous and positive life.”

Prior to the letter, the Florida native also campaigned for legal help from Donald Trump. Kodak said he would donate $1 million to charity upon his release if the outgoing president would pardon him.

Kodak is currently serving a 46-month sentence and is set for release in November 2022. Last month, he spent $20,000 on a Christmas toy drive to benefit kids in his hometown of Broward County, Florida. According to his lawyer, he also gave away $100 and $50 gift cards and the over 60 families who received gifts were also treated to a pizza party.