The untimely passing of MF DOOM hit the hip hop community hard on New Year’s Eve. Shortly after Doom’s wife Jasmine confirmed the tragic news that the rapper had passed away on Oct. 31, Flying Lotus revealed that they had something special in the works.

On Thursday night (Dec. 31), Flying Lotus shared his heartfelt reaction to Daniel Dumile a.k.a MF DOOM’s death. In a separate tweet, FlyLo shared a link to “Lunch Break,” which is their most recent collaboration that dropped as part of the latest update to “Grand Theft Auto Online.” After a fan suggested that other fans wanted a full-length project from him and DOOM, Flying Lotus responded by confirming their previous plans for an EP.

“I hate to say this but we were actually working on an EP,” FlyLo tweeted. “There were more songs that I haven’t even heard.”

FlyLo formally eulogized the late rapper during his livestream on Twitch later that night. Before the project, he and DOOM had collaborated on ”Masquatch,” which dropped in 2014 as a part of “Grand Theft Auto V.” Fans had hoped to see more of Flying Lotus and the Madvilliany rapper together, especially in 2019 when Lotus announced that Metal Face would join him on stage. However, fans only saw Hannibal Burress, who impersonated him for the performance.

Flying Lotus isn’t the only artist to have unreleased music with the late rapper and producer. Fans are also craving Ghostface Killah’s collaborative effort with MF DOOM, which has been in the works since 2006. Back in 2015, Ghostface and Doom dropped off their song “Lively Hood” as a part of Adult Swim’s singles program. A few months later, the Wu-Tang Clan rapper claimed that he and DOOM were planning to drop the album in February 2016.

The date came and went without a solid update on the project’s status. Hopefully, we get to hear both Ghostface and FlyLo’s respective collaborative projects with the late MF DOOM in the near future.