/  12.21.2020

Creating music and sharing it with the world has changed the lives of many, and positioned artists to be able to create with artists they themselves looked up to. Taylor Bennett’s new Lamar & Nik-directed video “Don’t Wait Up” is an embodiment of that, as it includes a feature from Mr. Hudson, one of his idols. On “Don’t Wait Up,” Taylor comes in with his hook about knowing when to not wait around:

When the sun comes down, don’t wait up. Know the stars won’t wait for us. So it’s all in the dust, our first kiss. But what about dreams and happiness, is it all at risk? Well how ‘bout this, all the things that I should miss. Got me stuck in a glitch, I can’t fix. For dreams and happiness. When the sun comes down, I don’t wait up. Spent too many nights tryna wait on love, or should I hit folks at the club I know they’re makin’ some noise. Man, I love my boys. The only line left to call before my mama for hugs. Always seen you picture-perfect, that’s what modelin’ does. I always thought we’d move to LA so it’s all in the dust.

The new track doesn’t mark their first collaboration, as Mr. Hudson also appeared on Taylor’s 2019 project on the song “I MISS YOU.” The year 2020 saw the release of his “Good Guy” single and also “Be Yourself Pt. 2 (Sunset Falls),” a continuation of his 2018 project of the same name. His last full-length body of work was the aforementioned 2019’s THE AMERICAN REJECT. Equipped with eight songs, the project included features from Ty Dolla $ign, Serayah, bianca shaw, Chance the Rapper, and more.

In a caption to go along with the video, Taylor made sure to break down the inspiration behind this song. “It all started here, a little background,” he begins. “Mr. Hudson is my favorite artist of all time. I was 13 Years old when I heard his album A Tale of Two cities, one of the first times hearing music that wasn’t ‘Hip-Hop.’ From songs like ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and ‘Broad Shoulders,’ Hudson has always played a major role in My creation. Fast forward 10 years later and ‘You’ (My Supporters) have put me in the position to create with My idol.”

Check out Taylor Bennett’s “Don’t Wait Up” down below.


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