Meek Mill is teaming up with Michael Rubin once again to help underprivileged kids in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to TMZ, the men have launched a $2 million scholarship fund for the kids in their hometown. The money will reportedly benefit 1,000 children in the area and will go toward the 2020-21 school year. Students from pre-K to high school will receive the proper resources needed during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The students from poverty-stricken homes who are selected to receive a scholarship can use the money to attend private/parochial schools throughout the city with costs covered,” according to the outlet. The students who are currently enrolled in virtual learning can use the funds to buy equipment, such as tablets, laptops and WiFi.

Last year, Meek and Rubin pledged to commit millions to Pennsylvania schools. “We care about education a lot,” Rubin said during an interview on “The Breakfast Club.” “I don’t know if you guys saw, Meek and I have been talking a lot about education. We’re actually gonna commit, between Meek and I, in Pennsylvania, millions of dollars to Pennsylvania schools this year.”

This announcement came just weeks after the Championships emcee pointed out how many abandoned schools were in his city. “Since they got like 30 abandoned schools in Philly…. can we buy one and build a super school in our own neighborhood?” he previously tweeted. “I hang wit a lot of billionaires [who] really care about education.. ‘all we need is one school to start!’”

Earlier this year, Rubin kicked off the #AllInChallenge to raise money for Coronavirus relief. “COVID-19 has impacted our lives in such an unprecedented way, but through it all, I’ve been encouraged by our country’s relentless desire to help others, especially around the ever-growing number of families now struggling to find food,” Rubin stated in a press release.

He continued, “That spirit was the inspiration behind wanting to start the ‘All In Challenge’ and bring together the sports, business and entertainment communities to create the largest digital fundraising movement ever to feed those in need. It takes unity and strength in numbers to save lives and ensure that our most vulnerable populations have consistent access to healthy meals. I’m overwhelmed by the incredible response by so many of the world’s most influential figures who are all rallying together to support this critical and timely issue.”