Despite their past issues, KXNG Crooked is still hoping for an Eminem and Joe Budden reconciliation. The Slaughterhouse veteran discussed his past collaborators’ beef during a recent appearance on Smoothvega’s “Nothing Beats Experience” podcast. When asked about what it would take for Budden and Em to reunite, Crooked said they need to “just be men and sit down.”

“One day I’m hoping that him and Em will be able to sit down,” Crooked said of Budden. “They don’t gotta be friends again, they don’t got to be none of that… Because guess what, they’re two — they cut from the same cloth. They really deep artists; they love their craft. If you listen to an Em stan and a Joe fan; it’s a lot of similarities. And they’re good dudes tryna to do the right thing. I just feel like all that was for no reason. I really wish that they would sit down and it might happen.”

Earlier this year, Em sent shots at Budden on his and Anderson .Paak’s Music to Be Murdered By collaboration, “Lock It Up.” Budden responded on his podcast by telling Eminem to stop dissing him.

“The same way I feel like he should stop dissing Lord Jamar, he should stop dissing me,” Budded said. “Hey, whatever we had, that exchange, when you did all of the videos … and when I said whatever I said on the pod, it was a moment in time. We had our exchange and it’s over. In 2020, I can’t harbor negativity toward — not only one of the best rappers — but somebody I’m not angry at. That’s what I gotta stop doing. I don’t be mad at the people I come in and kill… There’s no hostility after that.”

During a January interview on “My Expert Opinion,” Budden also said he wasn’t interested in making new music with Slaughterhouse until the supergroup group “is away from Shady and we own our own shit.”

Elsewhere in his interview, Crooked also touched on Budden’s possible return to music.

“I think Joe is gonna get in the booth,” Crooked said. “There are some things that happened, and we ain’t gotta talk about old shit, but there’s some things that happened and he said some things. He gotta understand… what I always tell him [is], ‘You have a huge voice in the game, so if you say something, that shit’s gon’ resonate.’ If he says something that I disagree with, as far as like how some shit went down on Shady Records, and you say, ‘Yo, it happened like this’ and I say, ‘Nah, it didn’t quite happen like that’… He just got to be careful; his voice is big.”

See KXNG Crooked’s full interview below.