Things took a scary turn Boosie Badazz last month, and as the veteran rapper makes it out the other side, he penned his thoughts into a new single “Lost For Words.” The background of the track’s cover art features a collage of headlines, tweets, and images of the Boosie, all having to do with his hospital visits and surgeries, emphasizing his bounce back. In his verse on, he reflects on the thoughts rushing through his mind during surgery:

Lost for my own words, shot like my own work. Promise you blood and memories. Promise you blood and memories. Hey Mr. Hatch, I guess you don’t wanna talk. I guess we’re understood. I smiled inside, they know I’m solid. Best feeling in the world. Tell Moms I’m good, don’t make this big, like this the end of the world. Tell all my kids I’m good, fly out my girl. Threw my phones and went in surgery, in surgery, thinking bout n****s that I done dirty dirty. In surgery, smirking, damn, this my first perc, thirty thirty.

As reported by REVOLT, Boosie was in Dallas earlier in November to pay his respects to Mo3, his friend and up-and-coming rapper who was fatally shot earlier that month. At the time, Boosie was riding in a Sprinter van in the parking lot of Big T Plaza, when an assailant fired multiple shots at his vehicle. Boosie was hit in the leg and rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was treated for an injury below his knee, and has thankfully made a safe recovery since.

In 2020, Boosie has been far from inactive. He has released plenty of music, including Badazz MO3, Goat Talk 2, and In House with Jit The Beast which were released in February, April, and June, respectively. He has also dropped off visuals for cuts off those projects like “Flavors,” “Close The Paper,” most recently “Candy Man,” and more.

Listen to Boosie Badazz’s brand new “Lost For Words” track down below.