On Friday (Dec. 4), Lupe Fiasco shared his “Mobb Deep” freestyle over the beat of Beanie Siegel’s 2001 hit “Nothing Like It.” Fans who desire to see him perform that record or any of his other songs in concert, however, have one requirement to meet: They must get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Last week, following reports that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine — which is said to be 90 percent effective — was authorized and will soon go into use in the UK, the “Kick, Push” rapper took to Instagram to express his excitement and inform his fanbase that they “are required to be vaccinated” if they wish to attend any of his concerts.

The statement wasn’t a surprise as it confirmed his support of Coronavirus vaccinations, which he expressed during a previous exchange on Twitter.

Late last month, when one fan insisted he “read medical apartheid” and “send the check back to Big Pharma,” he responded, “I[‘m] waiting on y’all alternative. I really am. Everytime, I faithfully study this ‘medical black wokeness,’ it ends up being a bunch of bullshit promoted by folks selling seamoss shakes and possessing the scientific depth of a bag of flamin hots. Some of us actually stayed in school.”

Talks of the forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine have stirred various debates between those who don’t trust the government and individuals who believe the injections are key to controlling the spread of Coronavirus and resuming some sense of normalcy.

Recently, after Black Panther actress Letitia Wright shared a video of a YouTuber sharing backless concerns about the dangers of taking vaccines, she received backlash for criticizing the medication and deleted her Twitter account.

The Coronavirus pandemic has generally struck the music industry and artists’ ability to tour as concerts and live events have been postponed and recently replaced with virtual performances. The disease itself has affected celebrities like Jeremih — who was fortunately was released from the hospital following his diagnosis — and Fred the Godson, who lost his life due to complications from the virus.