/  12.06.2020

A family in Columbus, Ohio is in mourning after a 23-year-old Black man was shot and killed on Friday (Dec. 4). Columbus police say they are investigating the shooting in which a Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy who was working with the US Marshal’s Southern Ohio Fugitive Task Force, shot the man for allegedly waving a gun.

The US Marshal later confirmed that the man who was killed was not the person they were searching for. The US Marshal for the Southern District of Ohio, Pete Tobin, said the task force had were finishing up their work in the area and then claimed the man drove by them waving a gun while they were wrapping up.

“He was seen driving down the street waving a gun,” Tobin said. “That’s when the deputy, at some point after that, he confronted him. And it went badly.” Authorities are saying that while they were confronting the man, he exited his vehicle and was then shot by the deputy. The deputy’s name was not revealed, but he is said to be a 17-year veteran of the Franklin County Sheriff’s office who has been permanently assigned to work with the US Marshals.

The man’s mother, Tamala Cain, said her son was shot in the back, but police did not confirm that. She also shared that the 23-year-old, whose name was not revealed by police, was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. “Police shot him in the back three times through the door,” she said. “He doesn’t have any warrants, he’s never been in trouble in his life.”

Social media posts about the tragic incident starting pouring in Friday night, with a post on Facebook from a woman named Brandi Payne who claimed to be the victim’s aunt, and is asking people to help share the story. “This is my nephew Casey Goodson, she shared on Saturday (Dec. 5). “He was shot and killed by the police yesterday. Everything the news and police are saying is a lie. He was gunned down and shot three times in the back through a screen door as he was walking in the house. My baby had a his meal in his hands to go eat.”

During the press conference, Tobin said he believes the shooting was justified but said that the deputy will be investigated by the Columbus Police Department and the Franklin County prosecutor’s office about the shooting.


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