Black Twitter is up in arms today (Nov. 30) after a video of Kevin Kelley, the owner of True Kitchen + Kocktails, chastising a group of women diners in his restaurant for twerking went viral. One woman was even standing on the furniture at the establishment while the DJ was playing the song “Throw Dat Ass In A Circle.”

“I invested a lot of money into buying this building, into developing this concept, so that Black people can have somewhere nice to go to, OK?” he said to the group after already addressing them more calmly before. “Somewhere where our people can feel good about themselves as a culture. Real talk. And so all this twerking and shit, take it to Prime, take it to Pink. Don’t bring it here because we’re a restaurant.”

He closed: “Seventy-five percent of my customers are ladies. And I want men to show respect for themselves for how they carry themselves here. So, how can I tell the men to respect themselves when you guys are twerking on glass here? If you guys wanna do it, get the fuck out my restaurant because I did it for our people and I did it for our culture. So, don’t do it again. I don’t want to hear it again.”

After viewing this clip, people on Twitter quickly shared their opinions. Some agreed with Kelley, while others didn’t. There were people who even said that Black folks would never try something like that at a white-owned establishment such as Ruth’s Chris. However, those people were quickly shut down with memes galore.

Tweets showing hilarious videos of how Black people would, indeed, act at a white restaurant depending on the music it played started popping up with a quickness. Check out some of the funniest ones below.