No matter what he is doing, it is clear that Snoop Dogg was born to entertain. The rapper not only hit the stage to perform at the Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight on Saturday (Nov. 28) but he also joined the commentary box to give his take on the boxing match, and it was legendary.

Fans enjoyed his takes and jokes so much, that they declared him the unofficial winner of the sporting event. Even celebrities took to Twitter to give Snoop his props. Wendell Pierce made sure to quote one of the rapper’s most popular jokes of the night when he said Tyson and Jones looked like two uncles fighting.

“The winner tonight was Snoop Dogg! ‘This looks like my 2 Uncles fighting at the Bar-B-Que,’” the actor tweeted.

Lebron James made sure to highlight Snoop’s strength for being able to do his best in anything he takes on. “My Unk @SnoopDogg is simply the greatest at whatever he does man!! Swiss Army Knife++++++,” the basketball star wrote.

Marsha Ambrosius made sure to give Snoop his flowers for providing so much entertainment and laughs. “And the winner is………………. SNOOP DOGG for singing ‘OH PRECIOUS LORD’ during one of the funniest nights of 2020! Get all your [flowers] KING,” the singer tweeted.

Stephen A. Smith knows a thing or two about sports commentary and he made sure to mention that the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” star was the best part of the match. “Are y’all listening to my man @SnoopDogg call this fight. I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I’m loving this. Snoop’s the most entertaining part of this fight. He’s doing fantastic,” the sports television personality tweeted.

Some Twitter users said that Snoop was the star of the night, saying that he was “stealing the show.” Another fan wrote, “The only good thing about this fight is snoop dogg’s commentary.

Fans demanded that someone hires the rapper to do professional sports commentary, with some requesting his presence at every upcoming event. “This man was the winner of the whole night,” one user tweeted along with a photo of the rapper. “#SnoopDogg needs to be on commentary in every sport going he is just the absolute best.”

Some credited Snoop with not only adding humor and laughs to the boxing match but also for making the year 2020 a bit better. “2020 was a shit year but tonight made it a tiiiiiiiiny but better watching #SnoopDogg commentary,” TV producer Prentice Penny tweeted.

The California emcee has plenty of hosting and television experience, and his personality shines through whenever he is called on to share his take on any event. The Tyson-Jones Jr. fight might have ended in a draw, but Snoop went home as the unofficial winner of the night.