“Sole’d” is REVOLT Creative Director Dunnie West’s column where he’ll share his opinions about all things sneakers, as well as rating the latest drops from the freshest kicks to the most trash.

Cactus Jack dropped another huge collaboration this year, this current offering with Sony PlayStation. Not only do they drop a fire dunk, they also did a pretty amazing experiential activation to give away PlayStation 5s. What made this dunk even more of a hype is the fact that Travis Scott is only giving away five through his website and there was a massive disclaimer of “not for resale.”

Travis is being slightly unrealistic with only releasing five thinking they’re not going to be for resale, but the hype grew even more when bootlegs started hitting the marketplace when nobody even saw what the official shoe looked like. The wild thing is that the bootlegs were not that far off from the actual shoe itself, other than a few aesthetic changes and them being SBs. It kind of makes you wonder who started leaking images early or what factory gave us some information?

Dunnie West

I will say one thing about the actual shoe to the bootleg: The bootleg was actually a really good rendition of what it could be and I was excited when I originally saw the bootleg thinking that this would be an SB, but they made it a standard dunk.

The quality of the material looks pretty good. I, myself, would have loved to have seen this as an SB going off the trail of the last SB that Travis released, which was amazing. I’m surprised that they went the dunk route on this, especially because traditionally speaking, Nike SBs are the ones to hold more of a collaborative appeal, especially with the placements of the logos on the back part of the heel.

It makes you wonder how big of a fight the bootleg puts up to the original? But, all in all, it was a great release. I would absolutely cop. But, because there really was only five, it makes me lean toward flipping. I’m sorry, it is what it is. But, you created an instant Holy Grail within the sneaker community and this one’s going to be in a lot of people’s top fives for going forward.

Dunnie West

We can also assume that, yeah, he only released five, but I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of friends and family pair running around. So, there’ll definitely be more than five in the marketplace and you’ll start to get an idea for what the value of these are because somebody always is upselling them.

So, great drop, excited for Travis, excited for PlayStation. I think they really did an amazing job creating a dope moment in the culture. I look forward to what they decide to do next.


Dunnie West