Protests have erupted in several cities as vote tabulations for the 2020 election continue.

Demonstrators took to the streets in Seattle, Portland, New York and other cities in response to impending election results and Donald Trump’s legal attempts to stop counting ballots.

On Wednesday (Nov. 4), people gathered in Capitol Hill in Seattle carrying signs that read, “Stop Trump’s Racist Voter Suppression,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Don’t Steal the Election.” The protests eventually devolved into riots, resulting in seven people being arrested on suspicion of obstruction, pedestrian interference, property damage, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. A protester was “experiencing a medical episode” while being arrested, was taken to the hospital and is currently in serious condition, per the Associated Press.

In Portland, post-election demonstrations started off peacefully as protesters carried demands saying, “Count Every Vote” and “Keeping Hope Alive.” As time progressed, people smashed the windows of local businesses, sprayed painted graffiti, set up fireworkers and threw objects as police officers. Eleven people were arrested, Portland police declared riots, and the Oregon National Guard was mobilized.

Footage also surfaced of protests in New York City where nearly 50 arrests were made, according to AP. CBS later reported a protest in Manhattan went left when individuals started lighting fires and throwing garbage and eggs. Police also reportedly confiscated a stun gun and daggers among other weapons.

Phoenix members of the extremist group AZ Patriots assembled, chanting “count every vote,” while nearly 200 protesters in Michigan rallied on the Interstate 94, blocking traffic. Several arrests were also made at a protest in Denver, while there was a nonviolent demonstration in Chicago.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is nearing 270 Electoral College votes after big wins in Wisconsin and Michigan, but the president has filed lawsuits and asked for ballots to stop being counted.