The family of 18-year-old Zekee Rayford is calling for the arrest of the officers who tased and tackled him, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

The attack was captured by a home security system and uploaded to Facebook by the victim’s sister DeOndra Rayford. “Dear young Black men…I understand why y’all are scared of the police…I’m sorry y’all have to go through this…I’m sorry brother,” she captioned the post.

Zekee was reportedly driving home on Monday night (Nov. 2) when he ran a red light and caught the attention of local officers. They attempted to pull him over, but he drove all the way to his family home before exiting the car with his hands up, and discovering the police with weapons in hand.

When the officers ordered him to the ground, he walked toward the front door, pleading for his father’s assistance. The three cops yelled at him to stop resisting, while two of them yanked him to the ground where he was allegedly tased and kicked multiple times.

Kenneth Rayford, Zekee’s father, eventually showed up to the door and was informed his son would be arrested as drugs were found in his car. He questioned the cops and was threatened. “You better relax or you’re going to get it next,” an officer told Kenneth.

Zekee faces charges of felony evading in a motor vehicle, resisting arrest and detention, and possession of marijuana. He was housed in Guadalupe County Jail on $14,500 bond, but was released from custody after his family paid a portion of the price. Upon his release, he went to a hospital where he learned he had bruises and marks from the taser all over his body.

According to DeOndra, Zekee likened his arrest to that of George Floyd. “I thought about George Floyd crying out for his mom,” she recalled her brother saying. “And I was crying for my Dad. I thought I was going to be the next hashtag, the next RIP.”

The Schertz Police Department will conduct an investigation into the incident.

Dear young black men.. I understand why y’all are scared of the 👮‍♂️ 👮‍♀️ police…. I’m sorry y’all have to go through this… I’m sorry brother

Posted by DeOndra PrincessKari Rayford on Tuesday, November 3, 2020