/  11.05.2020

During a time of his life that was “moving really fast,” Caleborate concocted a track titled “The Madness” to match the pace of his surroundings at the time. He tapped the buzzing 18-year-old Tone Sinatra for the assist, and on the song, Caleborate comes through with bars about his life:

“Foot on the gas, I’m a man on a mission. I’m whippin’ a rental and rackin’ my denim. Roll down my window, I’m shinin’ like gold, the light hit my skin so I gotta shine with it. I don’t be out ‘cause I live in the kitchen, I’m a lil different I come from the trenches. I feel it all when it come to my feelings. I might a dog when it comes to the b**ches. I might be imperfect, name someone who isn’t.”

The Bay Area rapper recently revealed which two bars out of the entire song were his favorites. “‘I FEEL IT ALL WHEN IT COMES TO MY FEELINGS’ and ‘I found the answer to depression. Look at everything around you, it ain’t happen two you dawg it happened for you know that situation found you’ these are tied for first,” he confirmed on his Instagram. Caleborate’s last full length release was 2019 Hear Me Out, and he has released singles such as “Pull Up,” “Untitled (Hit Record),” and “Dream Car” featuring Ciscero. He also stopped by the coveted COLORS Studios in Germany to deliver a performance of “Clicquot Shower.”

In a recent interview, Caleborate expanded on his belief of how consistency and commitment will carry him through:

“Numbers and data drive the industry. There’s a certain type of choice you have to make, if you make now-music, if you make lifetime-music. If you make vanity-music. Depending on the music you make, it influences the audience you have access to, and how fast [you grow]. For an indie artist, how can you compete with a signed artist who has a hot song that everyone loves at the moment? The key for us is to stay consistent. It just takes more time; it takes more commitment.”

Take a listen to Caleborate’s new track “The Madness” down below.


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