Offset ran into a few issues on Tuesday (Nov. 3) as he tried to feed people who were waiting in long voting lines in Georgia.

The Migos rapper teamed up with The Lincoln Project to provide free food to those who were in line. After casting his vote, he was scheduled to appear at Ficketts Elementary and William Walker Recreation Center to take photos with fans and give out free food from Slutty Vegan. However, The Lincoln Project’s official Twitter page tweeted that Gwinnett County Government officials threatened him.

“We’ve been working in Georgia with @OffsetYRN to feed Gwinnett’s voters in those unnecessarily long lines, but instead of a welcome he was threatened by @gwinnettgov,” they tweeted. “This is what voter intimidation and discrimination looks like.”

Last month, the “Clout” emcee encouraged people to vote in a public service announcement video, which was posted to his Instagram account. ”I was told my voice didn’t count. It does. You don’t think your voice counts? It does,” he captioned the post. “My voice + your voice can make real changes. I’m figuring things out. You can too.”

In the video, Offset also spoke about the time he was told he no longer had the right to vote. “After I caught my first felony when I was 17 years old, I felt like basically I ain’t count,” he said. “My probation [officer] told me, ‘You can’t vote, you got a felony.’ It just made me feel like I wasn’t wanted or I wasn’t supposed to be involved.”

Years later, Offset inquired about his voting rights and found out that they were restored. “You’ve gotta vote. That’s what changes the rules, change the laws,” he said. “I voted and I was able to be a part of where I live which is at home here in America. My voice matters.”

The Father of 4 emcee voted for the first time ever in Georgia’s primary election over the summer. On Election Day, he took to Instagram to show off his sticker for voting in the presidential election.

Check out the tweets from Offset and The Lincoln Project below.