/  11.04.2020

The 2020 election continues to be one for the social studies books. On Wednesday (Nov. 4), the day after Election Day, it was confirmed that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden officially beat Former President Barack Obama’s record of receiving the most popular votes in American history.

According to CBS News, Obama got 69,498,516 votes during his presidential run again Republican opponent John McCain in 2008. At that time, that was the highest a candidate had ever received. However, at the time of this report; Biden now has 69,589,840 votes, which is 50.3 percent of the popular vote — and counting — in this 2020 election. Millions of votes in select key states are still being counted, mostly mail-in ballots, so this already large number will increase as the days go by. Some of these states that we’re still waiting on for results are North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Nevada; though a number of these states have Biden in the lead.

As for Donald Trump, Biden’s challenger, he’s already gotten 66,706,923 popular votes, which is about 48.1 percent. This number will continue to increase, as well, with the counting of all eligible ballots. Due to this, Trump, too, has the possibility of exceeding Obama’s previous record. However, only time will tell.

“Winning the popular vote does not secure the election — in 2016, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 3 million votes but still lost the election to Mr. Trump,” CBS News reports. “As of midday Wednesday, Biden has collected 227 electoral college votes, and Mr. Trump has 213.”

In a speech on Election Night (Nov. 3), the presidential hopeful told his supporters: “We can know the results as early as tomorrow morning. But, it may take a little longer. As I’ve said all along, it’s not my place or Donald Trump’s place to declare who’s won this election. That’s the decision of the American people. But, I’m optimistic about this outcome.”

Biden closed, “Keep the faith guys, we’re gonna win this!”


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