How to track your mail-in ballot

Need help tracking your mail-in ballot? REVOLT has you covered.

  /  11.02.2020

We are one day away from Election Day. Millions of Americans have cast their mail-in ballots already, despite President Donald Trump’s attempt to stoke fears about the process. For those who have sent their ballots via mail, we want to give you tips on how to track your ballot to ensure that it was received and counted.

For most states, each ballot has a unique set of numbers for each voter, according to CNN. Those numbers, known as the Intelligent Mail Barcodes, will allow the Postal Service to track the ballot. Those barcodes can also be tracked on special ballot-tracking websites.

You will have to register through the voter’s website in your state to be able to track your ballot. On the site, you will have to enter basic information, such as your name, zip code and birthday.

The tracking websites can vary from state-to-state. Some states will show step-by-step updates, while others will only show when the ballot has been sent or accepted by local election officials. Some states also have technology that will notify voters if there is an issue with their ballot.

Most states require that your mail-in ballots arrive before or on Election Day in order to be counted. Some states, such as Louisiana, need ballots to arrive by Nov. 2, while others gave an extended period of time after Election Day.

Below is a list of each state and the link to check the status of your ballot. If your state does not offer ballot tracking, you can call your local election offices to find out more information.

Alabama: Track your ballot here

Alaska: Track your ballot here

Arizona: Track your ballot here

Arkansas: Track your ballot here

California: Track your ballot here

Colorado: Track your ballot here

Connecticut: No ballot tracking available

Delaware: Track your ballot here

District of Columbia: Track your ballot here

Florida: Track your ballot here

Georgia: Track your ballot here

Hawaii: Track your ballot here

Idaho: Track your ballot here

Illinois: No ballot tracking available

Indiana: Track your ballot here

Iowa: Track your ballot here

Kansas: Track your ballot here

Kentucky: Track your ballot here

Louisiana: Track your ballot here

Maine: Track your ballot here

Maryland: Track your ballot here

Massachusetts: Track your ballot here

Michigan: Track your ballot here

Minnesota: Track your ballot here

Mississippi: No ballot tracking available

Missouri: No ballot tracking available

Montana: Track your ballot here

Nebraska: Track your ballot here

Nevada: Track your ballot here

New Hampshire: Track your ballot here

New Jersey: Track your ballot here

New Mexico: Track your ballot here

New York: Track your ballot here

North Carolina: Track your ballot here

North Dakota: Track your ballot here

Ohio: Track your ballot here

Oklahoma: Track your ballot here

Oregon: Track your ballot here

Pennsylvania: Track your ballot here

Rhode Island: Track your ballot here

South Carolina: Track your ballot here

South Dakota: Track your ballot here

Tennessee: Track your ballot here

Texas: No ballot tracking available

Utah: Track your ballot here

Vermont: Track your ballot here

Virginia: Track your ballot here

Washington: Track your ballot here

West Virginia: Track your ballot here

Wisconsin: Track your ballot here

Wyoming: Track your ballot here



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