To celebrate Halloween weekend, EarthGang reached into their vault and brought out an old gem that fans have been asking about for nearly five years. The duo shared “Machete,” a short film they made back in 2015 to the song of the same name off their 2014 Shallow Graves With Toys mixtape. On the song, Johnny Venus paints the picture for listeners:

“I’m just a n***a from the hood like the rest of y’all. Bless us, Paul. In the midst of praying, we just playing for an ass to palm. Smoke a little grass to calm, crack that book open to Psalms. Crack a n***a head and pick a verse and hope he make it home. No this not a gangsta song, I don’t really know about that life. And if they asking questions tell ‘em “I don’t really know about that.” Right? See this could be my blessing on the same day as my last night.”

In recent news, EarthGang’s collective Spillage Village shared their anticipated Spilligion project back in September, which featured an array of guest artists including Chance the Rapper, Lucky Daye, Ari Lennox, and Masego. The album was preceded by singles like “Baptize,” “Hapi” and “End of Daze.” Earthgang’s last full length project Mirrorland made landfall back in September of 2019, a project that boasted fan favorites like “Proud Of U” with Young Thug, “Bank,” and “Tequila” featuring T-Pain.

In a previous interview, Olu spoke about how crucial traveling and embracing other cultures are to their artistry:

“EarthGang, it’s the opportunity to learn, influence and teach the world at the same time. When we travel we bring this style of truth, this style of rap, hip-hop—whatever you want to call it—to the world. We bring Atlanta to the world and people love that sh*t. The traveling, not only does it help us learn sh*t, it helps us continue to spread the Atlanta name around the world. I think it’s a beautiful thing that we’re able to continue to spread the Atlanta name, and not one Atlanta sound, but the diversity of sound that Atlanta is known for.”

Watch the new short film “Machete” by EarthGang down below.