Photo: JID, Freestyle cover art
  /  10.27.2020

Since he stormed onto the rap scene, J.I.D has never had trouble with one thing: showing he can actually rap. The ATL artist’s newest freestyle showcases his effortless flow over a beat co-produced by frequent collaborator Christo and Nice Rec. On the track, J.I.D gets his rapid fire bars off while slipping in several references along the way:

“Cause when a n***a had fell it’s ‘cause people had dropped me. I’d never trust a n***a saying, ‘Trust me.’ Be stupid to trust a b**ch, the only time she love me is when we f**kin’. The truth with come out the closet, all dirty and dusty. But a real n***a can’t get touched by Sandunsky. Dodge yo’ stampede, I done seen Jumanji run up on it. I promise he end up runnin’, f**k a runner. Run a check, still checkin’ my balance to pay my momma debt. I ain’t quite fulfilled my promise yet.”

Most recently J.I.D has been busy cooking up with his collective Spillage Village, and they released their new project Spilligion as last month came to a close. J.I.D also assisted his rap peers in a slew of singles like IDK’s “Cereal” with Kenny Mason, Smino’s “Baguetti” with Kenny Beats, and Wynne’s “Ego Check.” The year 2019 was a big year for the home team Dreamville, as the label dropped off their chart-topping, Grammy-nominated compilation album Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, where J.I.D was on more songs on the album than head honcho J. Cole himself. J.I.D’s last full-length solo project was 2018’s DiCaprio 2, and before that was The Never Story the year prior.

In a previous interview with REVOLT, J.I.D. reflected on his preferences during his creative process, and how the Dreamville sessions changed that:

“When I create, I am alone. I don’t like others’ opinions. I don’t like seeing people. If I’m writing a verse and you’re in the room minding your business, I’m just going to be annoyed you’re over there (laughs). Now, after working in that big ass group, it lets me know there’s more than one way to skin a cat. ‘To skin a cat’ is a horrible ass phrase. Whoever came up with that is horrible. But, it showed me another way to get to a final product.”

Take a listen to J.I.D’s new “Cludder Freestyle” down below.


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