Meek Mill has spoken out against the recent police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., which happened on Monday afternoon (Oct. 26) in the rapper’s hometown of Philadelphia. Taking to his Instagram Story, Meek shared the graphic video a witness recorded from the shooting and said the responding officers were worse than “thugs.”

“A so called ‘thug on the streets’ wouldn’t shoot a man with a small knife that many times to protect themselves,” Meek wrote.

Police say Wallace “advanced towards” them while holding a knife. However, video from the incident showed that Wallace was still multiple feet away from the officers when shots rang out. Wallace’s parents say he suffered from mental health issues and questioned why police used deadly force.

“The hood been seeing this our whole lives,” Meek continued. “I posted for y’all to see a young man killed in front of his mom and coulda been resolved with a tazer or a shot or 2!”

“Let’s help her ASAP!” the artist added, urging justice for Wallace’s mother.

Protests erupted across Philadelphia after the shooting, resulting in multiple arrests and 30 injured officers. It’s not currently clear how many times cops shot Wallace, though his father says they used at least 10 bullets. Both officers involved in the shooting have been taken off of street duty pending an investigation.

“Why didn’t they use a taser?” Wallace’s father said to The Philadelphia Inquirer. “His mother was trying to defuse the situation… He has mental issues. Why you have to gun him down?

Police spokesperson Sgt. Eric Gripp claimed the officers ordered Wallace to drop his weapon, but he walked toward them instead. After opening fire on him, one of the officers took Wallace to the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he passed away. According to Gripp, an investigation has been launched into the shooting using body camera footage from both officers.

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