Busta Rhymes and T.I. dropped gems during their “Using Creativity to Shatter Tradition” discussion at this year’s REVOLT Summit x AT&T. The two legends spoke at length about fostering career longevity, with Busta revealing how both he and Tip have been able to create records that will stand the test of time.

“When something is so incredible, sonically and feeling-wise, that you can’t put a birthmark or a death date on it, that shit is a timeless greatness,” Busta said around the 35-minute mark. “T.I. and myself, we’ve made songs 10 years ago — I’ve made records 24, 25 years ago, that will still destroy anything that’s moving, regardless of what’s new that you’re playing it up against.”

“We’ve been blessed to tap into that frequency of being able to create shit that will live forever,” he continued. “And, these didn’t come from following shit. Not saying that we didn’t pull inspiration-wise from other things that might’ve been done before us, but we was able to pull inspiration-wise from other things and turn that shit into something that we was able to make our own.”

The New York native explained how he has been able to maintain that longevity by comparing his stylistic growth to that of an expanding skyscraper.

“I don’t try to fix what ain’t broke; I just evolve it by adding floors to the same skyscraper that’s been standing on that same solid foundation that I’ve been able to do this amazing shit from,” he said.

“You add floors to the same foundation of the skyscraper, and that means the people who started with you at that foundation can still love and appreciate what you’re doing, even if it seems a little more current than the shit that you was doing when they started with you.

Busta referenced his 2011 collaboration with Chris Brown, “Look At Me Now,” and “I Got You,” his new song with Trippie Redd, to further his point.

“It’s always important to make sure that people can see that you’re swift and changeable,” he added. “‘Cause, in order for you to be remain-able, you got to be swift and changeable.”

With his ability to always keep his style fresh and collaborate with younger artists, retiring is the last thing on Busta’s mind.

“I ain’t gonna ever stop being the same high-energy, animated [rapper]… I don’t care if I’m 75 years old,” he said. “If I still got the burning desire and the passion to do this at that age, God willing, I’m still going to jump around on that muthafuckin’ stage like I was 19.”

Watch Busta Rhymes’ full conversation with T.I below and be sure to catch the rest of the 2020 REVOLT Summit x AT&T on Saturday and Sunday night. Find the full schedule of virtual events here.

Watch Busta Rhymes & T.I. talk career longevity and staying relevant in rap today | REVOLT Summit