Bootsy Collins has tapped Snoop Dogg for their newest single “Jam On.” The groovy new song is off Collins’ upcoming album The Power of the One, which is slated to be out October 23rd. Over Bootsy’s instrumentation, Snoop slides in with his signature flow:

“You wanna play with it? I wanna lay with it. All day with it is you with it? And when I do it you know I did it. ‘Cause my groove is exquisite. Such privilege you wanna play with it? I wanna lay with it all day with it is you with it? ‘Cause if you ain’t. You gotta quit playing with a playa.”

The Power of the One was co-written and arranged by Collins. Prior to “Jam On,” the legendary funk bassist released the title track to his upcoming album as well, which featured George Benson and The Williams Singers. He also shared his single with George Clinton titled “Bye” earlier this month. Snoop Dogg has been busy this year since his last full-length project in 2019 titled I Wanna Thank Me. In 2020, he assists on records like YoungBoy NBA’s “Callin,” ODILLIA’s “Break It Down,” and Problem’s “Don’t Be Mad At Me (Remix)” alongside Freddie Gibbs, and more.

In a recent conversation, Bootsy Collins detailed what it was like working with Snoop Dogg on this track:

“Working with Snoop is always like a breath of fresh air. He is always connected to the streets and the outer-more sensitive limits of the universe. Like a well-oiled machine, he’s always livin’ the dream. While recording ‘Jam On,’ he went to the basketball court and started courting the rock. By the time he got finished, everybody was jammin’ down the block! Once the idea of the song was developed, ‘Jam On’ took on a creation all its own. Snoop Dogg was so smooth with his thang, he could call in his part on the phone.”

Listen to the new “Jam On” track below.