Michael Jordan’s second health clinic is officially open in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Back in 2017, the former NBA superstar donated $7 million to Novant Health — an integrated network of physician clinics, outpatient centers and hospitals — to develop two medical centers. Both facilities were created to give medical access to underprivileged communities in Charlotte. Clients can be provided with dental, physical and behavioral health services — even if they don’t have health insurance.

“It gives my family great pride to know that we are making a difference in Charlotte,” Jordan told the Charlotte Observer.

The first Novant Health Michael Jordan Family Medical Clinic opened last year and Jordan was brought to tears during the center’s opening ceremony. “As you can see, it’s a very emotional thing for me to be able to give back to a community that’s supported me over the years,” Jordan previously said, according to WSOC.

Diane Brodie, an uninsured Charlotte resident, visited the medical center to receive help with her diabetes. She said the medical team at the clinic were the first to listen to her concerns. She was even able to lessen her medication — which helped financially.

“I feel like my life was saved,” Brodie said. “If I could meet [Jordan] — I’m just so grateful. I just want him to know, I’m grateful and I thank him so much because he has helped so many people.”

Novant’s Dr. Michael Hoben told the Charlotte Observer that the facilities are based on an “integrated care model” — which connects the patients to different on-site resources such as social workers and other services.

“One of the things we’ve learned over time is that a patient’s ability to access food, housing, clothing, transportation, has a huge impact on their ability to achieve high quality health care,” Hoben said. “So, if we’re only addressing the traditional medical needs, we’re missing probably half of what they really need to achieve their highest or best health.”

Congratulations to Michael Jordan!