Devi Brown is on a mission to preach the gospel of living well, and she’s using her own story as a testimony. The former radio personality began a career in wellness after confronting a fork in the road. She’d reached the pinnacle of her career, and checked off all boxes that she thought equated to success only to find herself feeling overworked and incomplete. After embarking on a 10-day wellness retreat, Brown finally felt as though she’d found her calling. Now, she’s working for the global wellness organization Chopra, and is steadily working to carve out a lane for women of color in an industry that doesn’t always welcome them with open arms.

In honor of Brown being featured in REVOLT Summit x AT&T’s “Living On Purpose” workshop in the next installment of “Summit Saturdays” (Oct. 17), here are seven facts about the wellness guru.

1. She began her wellness journey after giving up a decade-long career in radio.

After lending her talents to radio giants like iHeartMedia and Sirius, Brown says she experienced what she calls busy burnout. “I think many of us career-driven women are card-waving members of team no sleep,” she once told Forbes. “I was so proud of that, of how hard I worked and how little I slept. I had zero time for myself.” Brown began to feel called to reassess her life path and listened to her internal voice that asked, “What more are you being called to become?”

2. She’s an expert on the healing power of crystals.

In her book “Crystal Bliss,” Brown leads readers through the world and energy of crystals. She talked with Houstonia about her own journey with crystals, and explained how to use them as a tool for empowerment. “You’re not praying to a crystal, and a crystal is not like this Harry Potter sorcery magic, or abracadabra and things are great because you’re near this energy,” she explained. “Crystals are an incredible accompaniment to someone who is already looking to do the work in their lives, someone who is already doing many different things to get to the deeper layers of who they are, it has beautiful energy that can help you enhance what you’re already doing.”

3. She’s currently running things as Chopra global’s chief impact officer.

In August 2020, it was announced that Brown had been selected as Chopra’s chief impact officer, a role that combines her passion for spiritual wellness and inspiring others to live their healthiest lives. At Chopra, she is responsible for the brand’s creative direction and content strategy. Tonia O’Connor, CEO of Chopra, said in a press release that Brown’s role will also be “instrumental in developing new ways for us to serve diverse communities, ensuring that we practice the highest standards of inclusion and representation as we continue to evolve our products and brand.”

4. She’s passionate about creating space in the wellness industry for women of color.

Brown deeply believes that carving out space for joy is not only a right for women of color, but a mechanism for survival. “For women of color, I believe access to tools to enhance overall life well-being is of the utmost importance,” she told lifestyle website XO Necole. “Women of color are the most marginalized and unsupported group of people in the world. Specifically, Black women in the United States. We have to joyfully care for ourselves first which is so counterintuitive to anything we have ever been led to believe.”

5. Brown also founded her own wellness brand called Karma Bliss.

Brown’s online shop, Karma Bliss, sells all of the energy-clearing products you need to “bliss the f*ck out.” Her inventory includes, of course, energy crystals designed with different intentions in mind like healing, purpose, and love. She also sells curated “bliss bags” customized for different zodiac signs. The brand even got picked up by Nordstrom after expanding into the beauty space with spiritually-inspired bath soaks, serums, scrubs, masks, and face and body oils.

6. She’s certified in primordial sound meditation, the practice that made her fall in love with wellness.

Brown told that her first encounter with wellness was a 10-day panchakarma (a type of retreat) at The Chopra Center. The retreat turned out to be a major turning point in her life, and it was also where she learned primordial sound meditation, a meditation technique designed to help reduce stress and find inner peace. “This experience lit a spark in me that changed every single thing about my life,” she said. “I felt like I had new access to myself. I had glimpsed and tasted authentic peace and self-discovery. I knew that my life would be forever changed through this experience.” Since then, she’s become certified in primordial sound meditation and often teaches this practice during retreats organized by her Karma Bliss brand.

7. She’s the proud mom of a son named Quest.

Not only does Brown share the transparent moments of her journey to be spiritually liberated and whole, but she also loves every moment of being a mother. Her son Quest often makes appearances on her Instagram, and Brown openly talks about balancing career with motherhood. “Being a working mom with dreams and goals and deadlines and clients to deliver for is challenging,” she said in one IG post. “But I deeply believe that doing my part to make an impact on the world he is living in and continuing to evolve and grow as a woman will be my greatest gift to him.”