Michael Blackson is giving back to his country in a big way. The comedian took to Instagram to announce that he is planning to open a school in the Ghana village he grew up in to help the local children receive a quality education.

On Friday (Oct. 9), he shared a video of himself in Ghana surrounded by several excited kids as he shared the news that their school would be there “very soon.”

“Next September you’ll have a school,” he said to the children in the short clip. “You’re actually standing in your classroom right now. School is coming very soon. Uncle promises you. School is on its way.” The camera then showed the construction site where the school is being built.

“Only thing that matters to me are the kids,” Blackson captioned the post. “Education can help them understand everything, so I’m building them a school in my village. By the grace of God, they will be in class next year.”

Blackson isn’t the only celebrity who is trying to give a better education to the children of our future.

Last month, REVOLT Media & TV Chairman Sean “Diddy” Combs announced that he was planning to open a new college prep school in The Bronx.

Capital Prep Bronx opened on Sep. 8 under a fully remote learning schedule due to Coronavirus. Nearly 200 underserved sixth and seventh grade students will attend the school for its first year. Over the next five years, the school plans to grow to 650 students, serving grades six through eleven.

“My dream has always been to provide children, in communities like the Bronx, the high quality education they deserve,” said Diddy in a statement. “We’re not just teaching reading, math and coding. We are grooming future leaders that will change their communities and the world.”

Check out Blackson’s post below.